10 Types Of Grooms You Will Find Only In Indian Weddings


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10 Types Of Grooms You Will Find Only In Indian Weddings

Whenever we think of an Indian wedding, what usually comes to our mind is the gorgeous bride in her beautiful attire. And, it is not just about her appearance that almost everyone in a wedding cares about, but it is also her emotions that concern them. On the other hand, the groom is rarely given as much attention as a bride, and is usually sidelined.

But hey! Isn’t this unfair? After all, it is his big day as well. Just like the brides, even the grooms go through various emotions and pre-wedding jitters. And, these feelings make every groom unique. So, let us tell you about the different types of grooms you might see at various Indian weddings.

#1. The responsible groom

Well, this groom takes all the marriage-related responsibility on himself. He would be on his toes all the time and will be tensed for most of the time. Even when he is on the stage sitting right next to his bride, he will keep asking about the arrangements from others after every few minutes, “Sab theek se ho raha hai na?”

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#2. The freaked-out guy

This one is certainly happy about getting married. But, as the wedding day approaches, the thought that his life is going to change, just makes him go crazy. Adding to his worries are the friends who keep on saying things like, "Bhai, finally teri shaadi ho rahi hai, kaisa feel ho raha hai?", "Toh ab tu hamare sath party bhi nahi karega?", and much more. He gets so freaked out amid the entire wedding celebrations that if given a choice, he would love to run away or be invisible for some days before the wedding!

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#3. The perfectionist

Just a few months before the wedding, he would hit the gym, follow a strict diet plan and give up all unhealthy habits, so that he can be in good shape. And, be it the outfit, his entry, or any other thing, he would leave no stone unturned to look his best on his wedding day. He would just not settle for anything less than perfect.

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#4. The extremely happy groom

He will be the happiest person on his wedding day, and the mere thought of spending rest of his life with his spouse will make him blush. Beaming with joy, you will find him posing excitedly with each guest, so that he can preserve every single moment of the happiest day of his life.

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#5. The caring one

This groom will just not leave the side of his bride on the big day. He will care about her emotions and would comfort her whenever she will be feeling low. He would even hold her hand, telling her that he is there for her. A true gentleman he is. Don’t you agree?

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#6. The bindaas one

For him, marriage is all about having fun. As it is like an extended party for him, he would not hesitate from shaking a leg on the dance floor with his friends, family members, or even his would-be wife. He would enjoy each and every ceremony as well as the attention that he will be getting through the entire wedding celebrations.

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#7. The mama’s boy

His mother is the world for him and hence, he will never leave his mother’s side. For him, his mother is always right and he never questions her decision. In fact, he would not even perform the rituals as directed by the punditji, unless his mother approves of it.

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#8. The irritated one

He gets really annoyed when the same questions like, “where are you planning to go for your honeymoon,” “what did you like in her”, “what are you wearing”, and many more, are asked by everyone again and again. So, if you do not want to be greeted by his weird expressions, better avoid asking such questions.

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#9. The clueless guy

He just landed at his home a few days before the wedding, and has absolutely no idea of what is going on around. And, as he is clueless about the ceremonies or any other thing, he simply has no option other than listening to others and following them.

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#10. The ‘excited about honeymoon’ groom

He would hardly be interested in any of the arrangements, ceremonies, or even the wedding vows being recited by the punditji. All this while, the only thing doing rounds in his mind would be, “When will the real party begin for me?”

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Well, we are sure you might have witnessed many of these grooms at various weddings. And, in case you know about some more types, then do tell us about them by leaving a comment below.

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