10 Reasons Why Our Dear Men Need To Sport A Moustache Right Away!


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10 Reasons Why Our Dear Men Need To Sport A Moustache Right Away!

There are a million ways in which women can get makeovers, but sadly, men do not have so many options. Not only are clothing options limited for them, but not every guy can sport different styles of long hair! (READ: Complete Hair Care Guide For Men To Get Smooth And Shiny Hair Naturally).

But, there is one thing that will make you look hotter than ever- grow your moustache! With so many Hollywood and Bollywood stars sporting different styles of the mooch in their movies and in real life, moustaches have become so much in vogue now. So, here we get you all the reasons why you absolutely need to sport one this season!

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#1. Hasn’t Ranveer Singh’s Bajirao look convinced you already to grow one?

The entire nation is going gaga over his look with girls wanting to just get a hold of him somehow because he looks oh-so-gorgeous! Isn’t that enough reason for you to at least try it out?

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#2. It makes you look irresistible

Image Courtesy: Shaandaar

Yes it does! And because of the new beard and moustache mania, most girls today find men without one too boyish. Sporting a well-maintained moustache makes you desirable and oh-so-sexy!

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#3. It is different than the crazy beard mania

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

While other men are going crazy growing beards and posting selfies on the net, you can go the other way and just sport the chic moustache! And if you are able to curl them from the sides, well that’s just the cherry on the ice cream then!

#4. It gives you class

Gif via Tumblr

There is something about the mooch that makes you look sophisticated. You look like you belong to royalty (if you dress well too, that is). You look every bit classy, and your entire persona goes up a notch higher.

#5. It is the best change for your look

While you do not have many options to give yourself a makeover, growing a mooch would be a great idea! You do not need to spend lots of money for a wardrobe change, or an expensive hairdo that you may not be able to maintain; all you need is to grow a moustache and look good whatever you want!

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#6. You do not need to do much to maintain it

Trim it, brush it, grow it straight or curl it! That is all you need to do as far as maintenance is concerned!

#7. It makes you look mature

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

You do not look like a college going teenager anymore. You look like you are well informed, confident, and mature. And, those are the main qualities that make women attracted towards you!

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#8. They separate you from the crowd

Gif via Tumblr

Ladies and gentlemen, make way for the handsome with that moustache!

#9. You are as appealing as men in uniform!

There is something strongly attractive and appealing about men in uniform that women cannot resist. And a major part of their look is the moustache, at least for most of them. So, you sporting one makes you as irresistible as them.

#10. So many styles to choose from!

Gif via Tumblr

Be it the small Charlie Chaplin style one, the curled Ranveer Singh handlebar style one, the straight Salman Khan Dabangg one, or the machine groomed light barely-there moustache, you have so many styles to experiment with. Own your ‘stache!

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Well, if these reasons have not convinced you to sport one already, we do not know what will! So stop shaving your mooch right away, and groom it into something that totally changes your personality!