10 Promises Every 'Jiju' Should Make To His Dearest 'Saali'


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10 Promises Every 'Jiju' Should Make To His Dearest 'Saali'

The relationship between a brother and sister is and will always be precious. But, there is one other relation which is equally precious and sacred, and that is the one between a jiju and saali. The bond between them is bittersweet.

There is a lot of teasing and leg-pulling, but the relationship is filled with love and a lot of respect for each other. And, like every brother, even a brother-in-law should make some promises to his sister-in-law.

Read on to find out what you should promise to your saali.

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#1. Promise that you will never let her get bored

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When no one will give her company in those awkward family parties or get togethers, promise her that you will accompany her to kill the boredom.

In short, you will not leave her alone.

#2. Promise to reply to her messages

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No matter how many bad jokes or ugly Snapchat selfies your saali sends, assure her that you will always reply to her with equally bad jokes or at least acknowledge her messages.

#3. Promise to be true to her

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While many people may just say things to please her, promise your sister-in-law that you will give her an honest opinion, no matter how harsh it is. You want her best, so you will always stay true to her in every situation.

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#4. Promise to clear the junk from her life

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Whether it is about dealing with some life situation or shifting to a new place, assure her that whenever she will ask, you will be standing next to her and help in clearing the mess from her life or otherwise.

In short, your sister-in-law can count on you for anything. She does not have to face the problems all alone.

#5. Promise to make her your partner in crime

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Whether it is about playing a prank on your wife, teasing her or planning a surprise party for her, promise your sister-in-law that she will be involved in every step, unless of course it is a private affair. After all, a sister knows her sister best!

#6. Promise to shield her from scolding

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If your saali has done something wrong, promise her that you will protect her from the wrath of the adults, provided she tells you the complete truth. Give her the certainty that you will always have her back.

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#7. Promise that you will always look after her sister

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Promise your sister-in-law that you will always love, support and look after her lovely sister who is now your better half.

#8. Promise to be her secret keeper

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Promise your saali that all her secrets will be safe with you. She can share anything with you without any hesitation.

#9. Promise that you will cover up for her

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Provided she keeps you in the loop. Be it late night parties or movies; assure your sister-in-law that you will cover up for her. You will be her alibi as and when needed, only if you know what she is exactly upto.

#10. Promise that you will be her biggest cheerleader

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Not with the pom-poms and all of course! But, promise your sister-in-law that all her accomplishments, achievements and victories, big or small, will be celebrated with gusto and definitely with her favourite sweets, lots and lots of them.

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A bond between jiju and his saali is khatta-meetha and that is the beauty of this relationship. So, all the brother-in-law’s cherish this beautiful bond by making these promises to your sweet sister-in-law and get in her good books!