10 Funny Scenarios You Will Find In Every Big Fat Punjabi Wedding


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10 Funny Scenarios You Will Find In Every Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

The big fat Punjabi weddings are known for their ‘larger than life’ celebrations. In fact, there would be nothing wrong in saying that Punjabi celebrations are one of the most glamorous events in the world. Whether it is the buffet displaying various lavish cuisines, the aunty jis flaunting their gold jewellery, or the uncle jis showering banknotes on the dholwalas, everything in a Punjabi wedding is nothing less than the term ‘king-size’. At the same time, as Punjabis are known worldwide for being one of the most fun-loving people, they ensure that the same is reflected in their weddings as well.

And, for those who have yet not been fortunate enough to attend a Punjabi wedding, here are some really fun scenarios that you have missed in your life so far.

#1. Groom, naah, I’m a money plant

Among the various rituals of a Punjabi wedding, there is one that includes all the close relatives making the groom wear big garlands made of currency notes. Poor boy! Hell with the time he spent looking for a perfect sherwani, he just ends up looking like a money plant.

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#2. The never-ending journey called baraat

It is the friends and relatives who just don't stop dancing before the ghodi (mare) thinking the world would end tonight. What's more? The poor fellow cannot even join them even if he wish to dance at his own wedding. And, when he is so much wanting to jump off the ghodi and run to his bride, he cannot help but smile at all those dancing endlessly before his vaahan (vehicle).

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#3. The negotiators

Well, most of you would have thought that a person usually cuts a ribbon to inaugurate an institute or a store. But, Punjabi weddings being the mother of creativity, will give you an opportunity to witness this as well. The cheeky saalis (sisters of the bride) demand huge amount from the groom to enter into his own wedding venue. The groom’s negotiators, usually his brother-in-law, or the mamas and the chachas (who start feeling like the 20-year olds again), are seen convincing the group of sisters-in-law to accept 5,100 rupees instead of 51,000 saying, “matter of only one zero ji.”

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#4. The never-ending note ferna”

So, we are Punjabis and, “Hume paise ki koi kami nahi hai.” We may never have the change to pay the valet driver, but will surely have an unending production of 10-rupee notes when it comes to nazar utarna. This is one of those activities that go on from the first ritual till the time the bride reaches her sasural.

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#5. Where is the daaru, yaar?

Food, done. Dancing, done. Teasing the couple, done. So now, it is the ‘car-o-bar’ time! You know what we are talking about. Right? Well, there is this bunch of men who keep entering and exiting the wedding premise with a big smile. Actually, a bigger smile at each entry. You know they are drunk when they are wishing everyone like Dharamendra, “Namaste aunty ji. Kaise ho?”

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#6. Drunk mamaji and chachaji doing naagin dance

Well, it is a Punjabi wedding, after all. So, getting drunk is normal. But, where did mama ji and chacha ji learn this weird naagin dance from? And, that too with an all-time favourite wedding song on their lips- Aaj Mere Bhaanje Ki Shaadi Hai! They would not have romanced as much with mami ji and chachi ji as they do with the DJ. Well, obviously by dancing to his tunes.

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#7. The loner on the stage

Usually, the bride takes quite too long to reach the stage. So, after dropping the groom on the stage, everybody just runs away- to the buffet, of course. The poor soul is just left alone to sing, Iss mehfil mein bhi tanhai si kyun hai? To add to his frustration, there would always be some kids running around the stage, spoiling the entire decoration and throwing flowers at each other while playing different characters of Chhota Bheem!

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#8. The critics doing rounds

“We did a better shaadi than this ji. Khaane mein kya-kya hai? Indian, Italian, South Indian, is that all? Hay! Dessert mein gulab jamun nahi hai? Dekha, I told you we did a better shaadi than this.” You got the drift, right?

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#9. Planning of the next wedding

The one, which is going on is considered ‘done’. There is no word like ‘ongoing’ in a Punjabi dictionary. So, you will always spot a group of aunty jis telling the younger sibling of the groom or the bride, “Tera number agla hai!” (You are next). And, guess how do the youngsters react to such comments most of the times? Well, in most cases, it is something like this:

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#10. Future generation planning

During the post-wedding rituals, there would be a granny figure giving the newlyweds the typical blessing, Dudho nahao, putto phallo! And, it just does not stop at this blessing. She will continuosly keep talking about her pota or poti that she would be expecting, much to the embarrassment of the newlywed couple. Well, you know, they just want to have some fun right now!

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We know your smile just got bigger and brighter as you went from one point to another while reading this article. So, for all those who have been a part of these situations, cheers to all of you for making the Punjabi weddings so much fun.

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