10 Brother And Bride Moments That Will Irk You And Leave You Emotional, Remembering The Bond

A brother can be a saviour, a best friend, the worst enemy and whatnot. Check out 10 brothers and brides duo, who will leave you emotional!

By Ekta Chanana Last Updated: Aug 21, 2021 | 22:30:59 IST


The thought of being a bride someday makes every girl's heart flutter. While we eagerly want to go on our shaadi shopping and make a checklist of all the things we want, the thought of leaving our home gives us jitters. The mere thought of leaving our humble abode to create a new one with a new set of parents and siblings scares us. But still, we all eagerly wait to be a bride. In the midst of it, our siblings are the ones who never leave us and be our pillar of support.

From sitting behind their bicycle to sitting behind their bike, siblings become each other's best friends. The joy and pain of having a sister or a brother are known universally. But overall, having them is the best gift our parents can ever give us. While we are not allowed to choose them, they eventually become our best friends. This Raksha Bandhan, let us take a look at this beautiful brother-sister bond we spotted at Indian weddings.


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#1. Who said men don't cry? 

There is nothing more beautiful than to see your sister turn into a bride. However, the thought of bidding her goodbye, pierce through your heart. Seeing your sister go away to make her own world can leave the strongest man teary-eyed. And we spotted a cute brother-sister duo, who were not able to hold back their tears.

#2. A surprise performance by your darling brother

When your brother says, they will be the happiest at your wedding. Please don't take them lightly! Meet this brother, who gave a special performance at his sister's wedding. 


#3. When your brothers turn into your servants on the wedding day

When your brothers happily pamper you on your wedding day. However, don't confuse it with their immense love. It might be just for a shot in the wedding album. 

#4. Surprise gift for your sister

There is nothing more special than a handmade gift, and this artist brother had made a caricature of his sister and her groom. The bride was left surprised on her special day. It reminds us of the unconditional love a brother and sister have for each other.

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#5. Dealing with the vidaai blues is the most difficult part of the wedding

No matter how strong you say you are, in reality, you can never control your emotions while bidding goodbye to your sister, especially an older one.

#6. When a brother misses his sister's wedding due to pandemic

The pandemic had distanced many families. However, the worse is when a brother is not able to attend his sister's wedding day because of the Coronavirus and the restrictions. But this brother made sure to make his sister feel special on her big day.

#7. Brother and bride twinning on their big day


Nothing is more happening than your brothers twinning on your wedding day. Even the brother who hates the idea of matching ensembles accepts his sister's twinning demand on her big day.

#8. Who needs a bridesmaid when you have a bro

We all will agree that siblings are the only enemy we cannot live without. And in all seriousness, they are an inseparable part of our life. So, we spotted this bro-squad, who adorably helped the bride wear her jutti on the big day.


#9. Special performance for the bride

We spotted the most adorable bride's brother and dad, who left her speechless with their emotional performance. And they even included her mister-to-be.

#10. When you give an emotional hug to your brother

We spotted another emotional moment shared between a bride and her brother. The hug will make you remember the day you said goodbye to your brother to create your own world.

Yes, there are days when you fight with your siblings like cats and dogs, but there are also days when you fight for them like warriors. These emotional moments will definitely leave a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart. So, share it with your sibling and remember the special day of your life!


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