Signs that He is NOT the Right One

Have you been seeing your guy for long and yet get a feeling that he is not the right one? Have you ever been attracted to other guys even though you are in a relationship? Have you secretly wished a life without him? If all these questions have a “yes” as an answer, you might just be with the wrong guy. Here are a few indicators that will help you reconsider your decision of staying in the relationship or calling it quits!
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Can't share feelings with him
Can't share feelings with him

Don’t you often turn to your special someone, if you have to share anything? But, as of late, if you have not been sharing anything with your boyfriend or are just not comfortable communicating your thoughts to him then you should really give your relationship a second thought. Look for signs, such as you are always calling up your friends to vent your feelings rather than your partner, or if you totally abstain from (yes, it is a strong term) mentioning any of your daily experiences with him.

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