Home Remedies to Ease Your Menstrual Pain

Do you pop up a painkiller every time your menstrual cycle begins? Do you often resort to heating pads or hot water bags to ease your pain? Well, these cramps during your monthly cycle are bound to happen. During the periods, there is a sudden withdrawal of progesterone hormone and the lining of uterus starts shedding along with the blood. To expel these dead tissues, the uterus contracts and gives rise to these menstrual cramps. So, here are some home remedies that will help you to ease your pain. 
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Carom seeds
Carom seeds

A common spice in Indian households, ajwain or carom seeds when taken with a cup of boiling water can help you to fight those cramps and pain in the legs. You can also roast few carom seeds and consume them with milk when there is an unbearable pain. Besides this, carom seeds oil works as an excellent muscle relaxer. Apply it on those strained muscles during your periods.

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