Get fair naturally without spending fortune

Not only women but also men try constantly to improve their skin tone by using various products available in market. Indian skin tone color is undoubtedly very beautiful, But if skin tone can be improved by following some very simple natural methods then why not to try. Following tips will not  make skin shade lighter without using any fairness cream or bleach but will also make skin healthy and bring glow .

Cold water
Splash cold and soft water to your face 5 to 6 times a day. Do not use facewash every time.

Tomato and Lemon
Mix 1 tomato and 1 lemon juice and apply this mixture to your face and neck every morning before bathing. Let it stay for fifteen minutes and then wash your face using a very mild face wash and cold water.

Aloe Vera
After washing face apply aloe vera gel on your face and neck. It not only is very soothing but also helps in lightening the skin tone.

Coconut milk and water
Include coconut water in your diet. Apply coconut milk on your face regularly. Its regular use will make your skin really soft and will also make it lighter.

Potato acts as a natural bleaching agent. Put potato slice on your face for at least ten minutes and let juice of potato seep into your skin. Doing so will surely  help.

Exfoliation of skin is also very important as it removes dead skin and black heads. Use some good homemade scrub to exfoliate. Always move your finger tips in circular motion. It increases the blood circulation and brings glow to skin.

Neem Leaves:
Grind neem leaves and make a paste and apply the same on your face and leave it for 15 minutes and let it dry. Wash your face with cold water.

Scarf or Hat
Wear scarf or Hat whenever you are exposed to sun. No matter how good quality sunscreen you use   but after 6-7 hours it loses its effects. Getting tan is a quick process but reversing its effects is very difficult and a long procedure. Prevention is better.

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