Choose Flattering Skirts for Your Body Shape

For women, skirt is a sensuous and simple attire, which has been doing the rounds for many years. Though different styles have evolved over the time, skirts have always remained in fashion in one form or the other. Skirts are safe dressing options for both casual and formal occasions. While straight or pleated skirts are good options for formal occasions, mini skirts or flare skirts can be kept aside for casual days. Here is an exciting line up of different types of skirts for women.

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A-line Skirts
A-line Skirts

The flared cut gives these skirts the shape of the English alphabet ‘A’, and hence, giving its name. It fits at the waist and is broader at the hem. It would accentuate the feminine curves gracefully. A-line skirts can be customised into flared skirts, which will cover up the fat of the thighs and hips of heavy women. Flared skirts in bright and big prints are well suited for thin women as it gives them a plump appearance.

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