This Is How Your Wedding Will Look Like As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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We all know that the alignment of the stars have a role to play when it comes to determining your future, your spouse, your education and profession. But it’s surprising to know that there is a lot more that zodiac can do to you. Yes, the powerful and valiant sun signs have an impact on the kind of nuptials you will have.


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As per researchers, your astrological sign to an extent is accountable for the style, techniques and celebration of your wedding. So, let’s see what each zodiac sign stands for when it comes to the kind of marriage you will have. So, here is the kind of wedding you'll have as per your zodiac sign:


#1. Aries (March 21-April 19)

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Your signature style is bold, impulsive and adventurous. And you think you can have-it-all at a go and you surely can have. So, you will try to implement everything that would lead to a big fat Indian wedding and will leave your guests startled. You will hate the arrangements that are outdated and passé. So, for your lifetime event and special moments, even the little details should be over-the-top and enthusiastic. Being a fire sign you are confident and strong about your preferences. Be it the venue, floral decor, food or your couture; there is no room for a dilemma in your choice.


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#2. Taurus (April 20-May 20)


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As Venus rules you, you would like to greet your guests with everything authentic, classic and traditional. You have been probably fantasising about your D-day since you were a child. In keeping with your romantic side, you will love to have everything sensuous, soft and passionate. Your love for dreamy Bollywood numbers will reflect during your mehendi and sangeet. You would like your cuisine, flowers and music to reflect simplicity and class. Quality will be the major highlights throughout the entire ceremony. You will more likely have a medium-sized party showing off your ethnicity, class and tradition. You will negotiate at everyplace and come up with the best for your loved ones.

#3. Gemini (May 21- June 21)

You are not really a die-hard fan of trends and traditional. Your cool, vibrant and careless persona might come up with great ideas for your guests to appreciate. Your free-spirited mind craves for varieties and that would definitely show up. The wedding stage, theme and set-up will be inspired by your own instincts and mood. Since you love to have a gala time with no worries, you will really have a talkative marriage. Besides, you will load it up with as much fun and entertainment as possible. Your distinctive DJ tracks, cuisine and guests will make your wedding a much-talked about affair.


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#4. Cancer (June 22- July 22)


You are delicate, full of emotions and sensitive and that pulls you from trying or experimenting anything new. So, when it comes to the most important day of your life, you will certainly not take a chance with trendy affairs. Anything tacky, out-of-the-box is not your style. You would want it a close-knit affair with dear friends and family, perhaps in the outskirts of the town. Of course, there will be no dearth of fun at your marriage but anything out-of-the-ordinary is not what you would like to go for. You will make ideal choices when it comes to marriage venues, clothes, food. After all, you want ease and comfort everywhere. It is obvious to see emotions ruling a Cancer’s ceremonies and rituals.

#5. Leo (July 23- August 22)

For the royal and fearless Leo, everything must be larger-than-life. Your wedding has to be grand, dramatic and impressive. Leo never fails to a make a mark with their flamboyant attitude. To have all eyes on you, you would incorporate everything that is awe-inspiring and splendid. Your wedding would put even Bollywood on-screen nuptials to shame. The high-end brands, classy stuff, lavish venue, designer couture and opulence will convey your regal taste and passion. Drone cameras, Mughal era theme, amazing colour scheme and exquisite international cuisine would make your wedding truly spectacular.


#6. Virgo (August 23- September 22)

The perfectionist Virgo wants everything in order and would make their wedding distinct with little accents and details. As you crave for a fairytale dream wedding, the arrangements done should leave no room for mistakes. You put your signature style on the front so that your wedding can be remembered for years to come. From flowers and alcohol to wedding trousseau and wedding photographers; it should all be exotic and would leave a great impact.

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#7. Libra (September 23- October 22)

Rose petal showers, crystal chandeliers, and a magnificent view of a beach; this is the kind of picture Libras conjure up in their mind for their wedding. Well! We know that you will do it all that would bring you closer to this fantasy. You want everything vivid, charming and are open to different styles. You will leave no stones unturned to make your big day feel and look like a celestial dream come true. You might think about a palace wedding or a wedding in the lap of a beach or mountains.

#8. Scorpio (October 23- November 21)


A grand entry in a royal carriage, candle installations for a perfect ambience, a stylish couch on stage; you just want your wedding space to look straight out of a book. Ruled by dark and mysterious Pluto, your choice is rich, spectacular and fabulous. You mostly get swayed away by glamour and fantasy. Your guests might find get to see what they don’t see at usual weddings. You will not hesitate to hand pick the flowers, cutleries and other unique objects if need be.

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#9. Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)


Whether the wedding details are monotonous, regular or fancy; it hardly matters to the fun-loving and light-hearted Sagittarius. Your focus would be more on making the wedding thrilling and amusing with different activities and drama added to the affair. You just want to play around with anything funky and gorgeous. It is said that Sagittarius are travel-freaks so there are chances of you having a destination wedding. A fuss-free adventurous wedding is what you would like the world to see. Excitement and enthusiasm make your wedding complete.

#10. Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

You are much more in control than your counterparts. You check out the options which would look sober and decent. You are ruled by Saturn and that instils in you a lot of sophistication and balance. Anything that makes you look organized is what you would opt for. Right from your wedding couture, to mehendi and DJ night; everything should add character and charm to your entire wedding extravaganza. 

#11. Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

There shouldn’t be anything on your list that the baraatis and guests have already seen before. Your wedding must begin with lights, action and drama. From lights to floral display to the red carpet entry, the guests shall feel like royalty the moment they view the set-up and entrance. From dancing numbers to elusive food menu and seating; everything has to be matchless. You are not restricted when it comes to choices. You are free-spirited. An aquarian bride can give her couture a twist by wearing a pocket lehenga or maybe a lehenga with a belt. You might go for drone photography for extraordinary aerial shots.

#12. Pisces (February 19- March 20)

Well! The most dreamy and impractical of all; a Piscean wedding will be an affair to remember. Be it your photoshoot, DJ dancing tracks, or the fun at mehendi and sangeet; you will fly high and go dreamy with every aspect of your marriage. Your fantasy and imagination might push you to have a bridal lehenga inspired by Bollywood brides like Kareena or Anushka.

Though it is really interesting to see how celestial bodies can affect the kind of marriage you will have, we would like to add that there are a lot more things on the whole than merely a zodiac sign that explain the nature of your wedding. Zodiac sign alone cannot decide the kind of wedding you will have. So, the star sign shouldn’t be the only thing one should look up to.

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