5 Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

What is it that women crave for, other than obviously diamonds? Well, the answer is that women around the world simply yearn for long beautiful locks. They wish for a magic wand that they could simply wave to get a faster hair growth. On an average, healthy hair grows anywhere between 4-6 inches per year. However, following an old adage ‘where there is a will there is a way’ you can make your hair grow faster. Follow the below mentioned tips religiously to grow out your tresses as quickly as possible.

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Give it a proper wash
Give it a proper wash

Over washing or irregular cleaning is often a hindrance for long hair. Improper washing affects the quality of our hair, which further curbs hair growth. It is recommended that people with dry hair should wash their locks not more than twice a week, while those having oily hair should consider washing every alternate day. Massaging conditioner onto your scalp will also help in the growing process, as it will increase the blood flow. Moreover, use lukewarm water to avoid damage.

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