26 February, 2022

Tarun Tahiliani's Luxurious Home

Famous fashion designer, Tarun Tahiliani's home in New Delhi is a treasure trove. Step inside as we give you a tour of it!

By Ekta Chanana

The 7000 sq. ft. home in New Delhi

Tarun Tahiliani is a pioneer in the world of fashion, but he is also an expert when it comes to interiors. And his 7000 sq. ft. home in New Delhi is an example of it!

The 54-year-old designer lives in his New Delhi home with his wife, Sailaja (known as Sal). His two sons and three furry babies also live with them.

Living room

The spacious living room in Tarun Tahiliani's home features multiple seating areas. The space is accentuated with collection of art objects and exquisite furniture.

The sofas featured customised cushions, and the centre table is accentuated with a prized collection of bidriware hookah bases.

Dining room

Tarun Tahiliani's dining room is also an embodiment of his personality. It features a circular dining table with Irani cafe-style chairs. The table is decorated with rare cutlery.

The central corridor

The central corridor in Tarun Tahiliani's home is not less than an ode to early days of fashion. The walls of this space also display some of the favourite moments of the designer's life.

The family room

The family room is the heart of their home as the entire Tahiliani family sits here, after their meals. They love reading, laughing and watching their favourite shows in this room of the home.

Study room

To make such dramatic and dazzling ensembles, you need a relaxing space, wherein the idea flow like water. Hence, Tarun Tahiliani's study space is filled with lots of natural light and earthy tones.

Tarun Tahiliani's Bedroom

His bedroom has a touch of royalty with four poster bed, wooden flooring and brown-hued textured wall.

The swimming area

Tarun Tahiliani's home also has a big swimming pool with grey-toned furniture, and sun-beds. The big trees and plants accentuate the beauty of the space.

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