18 March, 2022

How To Get Rid Of Holi Colours And Protect Skin

Playing Holi is fun but getting rid of colours can be a laborious task. Check out how you can protect your skin from harmful colours!

By Kalash Khurana

Rinse thoroughly with water

Before you use a shampoo, rinse your hair with water to allow the additional colours to wash off. It is extremely vital to condition your hair to prevent any hair damage.

Ensure hair conditioning

Make a simple hair pack by soaking a few fenugreek (methi) seeds in four tbsp of curd. Apply this pack or an egg yolk on your scalp and wash your hair with a good shampoo after 30 minutes.

Make a herbal shampoo

Instead of using an artificial shampoo, you can prepare a herbal shampoo. To make it, soak 'shikakai', 'reetha' and 'amla' overnight. In the morning, boil and strain it. Then, wash your hair with it.

Remove colors with lemon juice

You can also remove colours from your hair with lemon. Take 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it in one cup of curd. Apply it evenly on your scalp and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Make a natural paste

Take two tbsp of calamine powder and mix it with a few drops of honey and rose water to make a paste. Apply this on your face and once it has dried up, wash it off with water and apply a moisturiser.

Use 'besan' and 'multani mitti'

You can also take off the colour with a mixture of 'besan' and milk. You can also apply a generous amount of 'multani-mitti 'on your entire face and body to revive your skin.

Glycerine and rose water

You can mix some glycerine and rose water and apply the cool mixture on your face and skin wherever you feel like. After this rinse your skin with lukewarm water and get rid of the colours easily!

Use cleanser

Since cleanser is rich in lemon and aloe vera content, it can easily help to remove Holi colours. You can even apply Cetaphil cleansers and antiseptic cream and get rid of the colours.

Use papaya to rub the skin

You can also rub a piece of papaya on your face and body to get rid of the colours. Scrub your body with this to clear off the colours and to bounce back to your fair and glowing skin.

Home-made paste

Mix curd, 'besan', orange-peel powder along with little turmeric, a few drops of lemon and one tablespoon of olive oil and make a paste. Rub this paste as it will help you to clean your skin.

Home-made hair mask

You can also apply a paste using curd and 'methi' seeds powder. Apply this as a hair mask post the Holi celebrations. This will prevent hair damage and keep your hair nourished.

Be gentle with your body

For the next two weeks, apply a 'multani mitti' face pack every alternate day to ensure that your skin remains soft and supple.

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