17 March, 2022

Holi Guide: How To Protect Skin And Hair

Festival of colours is here, and we can't stop ourselves from playing with colours. So here's how you can protect your skin and enjoy fully.

By Oindrila Muhuri

#Pre Tips: Apply Oil In Hair And On Skin

Applying organic essential oils on your skin helps in restoring the natural texture of the skin and hair. It also helps in treating acne and skin allegies, which otherwise may get worse with colours.

#Pre Tips: Apply Ice Cubes On Face

Rubbing ice cubes on face for 10-15 minutes before stepping out helps in closing the pores of your skin. And, this in turn, stops the chemicals from entering into your skin while playing with colours.

#Pre Tips: Apply Sunscreen On Skin

Using a sunscreen is always good whenever we are out as it helps in keeping the moisture content of the skin intact and prevents tanning. And using it while playing Holi helps in the same way.

#Pre Tips: Apply Nailpolish/ Drench In Oil

Drenching the nails in olive oil prevents soaking of any colour. Along with it, using a thick coat of nail paint on the nails prevents the enamel from damage.

#Dress Lightly While Playing Holi

Wearing a loose ensemble in light colours like white-hues balances the vibrant festival mood. And covering the body as much possible prevents any direct contact with the chemicals in the colours.

#Cover Your Head While Celebrating

While applying hair oil is best for protecting hair but the best is to cover your head with a scarf or cap during the celebrations. It reduces the chances of hair from being cracked.

#Don't Stay For Too Long In Wet Clothes

Staying in wet clothes leads to rashes and chemicals from the colours can also seep inside the skin, leading to allergies and irritation. Thus, it's always safer to play water Holi at the end.

#Stay Hydrated During Celebration

Staying hydrated helps in a lot of ways. And, the same principle is applied during Holi party, which helps in keeping you energised and prevents acne.

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