22 October, 2021

Heavy 'Mehendi' Designs For The First Karwa Chauth

Get your hands laden with beautiful and mesmerizing 'mehendi' designs and flowy patterns on your first Karwa Chauth!

By Kalash Khurana

The paisley motifs

If you're one of those women who don’t mind an overdose of the staple Indian 'mehendi' motif of paisley, then this 'mehendi' style is definitely for you!

Image credit: Pinterest

The mesh motifs

This 'mehendi' design with elaborate mesh motifs and minimal floral patterns should be your go-to design on your first Karwa Chauth.

Image credit: Pinterest

The uncluttered design

This simple 'mehendi' design featuring uncluttered patterns is perfect for the newly-wedded women who don’t want to go too overboard!

Image Credit: JSK Photography

The geometric design

On this Karwa Chauth, you can opt for beautiful geometric patterns of henna and paisley running across your arms.

Image Credit: Studio Nine Photography

The intricate design

This beautiful 'mehendi' design right here, is a great choice for your first Karwa Chauth. The intricate and classic Indian motif designs are to die for!

Image Credit: Hussain Maaz

The classic Rajasthani design

If you wish to have a hand full of henna art featuring peacock motifs and beautiful paisley patterns, then this Rajasthani 'mehendi' design is for you.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Bunched floral design

This unique Karwa Chauth 'mehendi' design featuring the never-ending floral designs is so mesmerising. With the perfect use of space, this design surely outshines!

Image Credit: Mehndi by Hayat

A classic design

If you're more into simplicity, then this 'mehendi' design is for you! With scalloped and leafy lines, this is one of the most basic yet beautiful 'mehendi' designs for Karwa Chauth.

Image Credit: Henna Paradise

Lotus and roses design

This 'mehendi' design filled with small and big lotuses and roses along with doodle patterns, will help you stand out on this Karwa Chauth.

Image Credit: Hiral Henna

Free-flowing patterns

If you're a lover of portraits, and highly detailed patterns, you can choose this 'mehendi' design and outshine on your first Karwa Chauth.

Image Credit: Recall Pictures

The leaf and lotus design

This festive season, you can choose a 'mehendi' design featuring leaves, lotuses and shaded areas in dark and light tones.

Image Credit: Minal Beauty

Classic floral designs

If you're looking for a pretty 'mehendi' design featuring lines and leafy patterns, then this design is a perfect pick for you on your first Karwa Chauth.

Image Credit: Minal Beauty

The mid-heart design

The finesse and the peacock patterns forming a heart in the middle of the palms, make this 'mehendi' design look mesmerising.

Image Credit: Henna Paradise

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