23 October, 2021

Fasting Tips For Karwa Chauth During Pregnancy

Women, who are expecting a child but want to keep a fast on this Karwa Chauth should keep some tips in their minds.

By Pratishtha Ghosh

Take your doctor's advice

Keeping a fast might lead to dehydration or some other distress to the baby. Therefore, before finalising your decision to keep the fast, consult your gynecologist.

Healthy ways to keep the fast

If your doctor allows you to keep the fast, you have to make some alterations this year. Have something heavy for your 'sargi' in the morning, followed by a big glass of milk.

During pregnancy, you cannot stay without food for the whole day. Therefore, make a bowl of fruit salad, but without any seasonings and have a small portion of it at regular intervals.

How can you make yourself feel less hungry?

The more you think about the fast, the hungrier you will be. Therefore, try to distract your mind and engage yourself in regular routine that you follow every day. Avoid any strenuous physical work.

To kill time, you can also take a long nap in the afternoon. This would also make you look chirpy and bright for the Karwa Chauth 'puja' in the evening.

Have fruit juices or dry fruits every 2 hours

If you are tired of having fruits, you can opt for fruit juices and having dry fruits as it will keep you full for quite some time. These have all the nutrients and should be consumed every 2 hours.

Don't go overboard after breaking the fast

After breaking your fast, it is best to avoid having high-calorie foods or those with high amount of sugar, as it can lead to gestational diabetes.

Don't panic over nausea or headache

Fasting during pregnancy might make you feel nauseous. You can also suffer from headache or dizziness even after eating fruits and drinking water. Don't panic over the same as it is quite normal.

Avoid cladding yourself with heavy accessories

Unlike every year, try to avoid wearing a heavy saree and accessories as you are pregnant this year. Instead, you can prefer wearing something comfortable to avoid any hassle.

Things to be prepared of

A diet comprising of just milk and fruits might lead to nausea as the body craves for more food during pregnancy. If you feel that your health is not permitting, don't hesitate to break your fast.

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