08 July, 2021

Dilip Kumar And Saira Banu's Love Story

Despite the age gap of 22 years between Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu, their love story gave major couple goals to all the lovebirds out there.

By Aashima Talwar

When Saira Banu Saw Dilip Kumar For The First Time

Saira Banu saw Dilip Kumar for the first time at Mumbai's iconic, Mehboob Studios. He was wearing a white shirt and trousers, and his free-flowing hair made Saira fall in love with him.

Saira Fell In Love With Dilip At The Age Of 12

When Saira Banu saw Dilip Kumar for the first time, she was just 12 and fell in love with him instantly. She was even impressed with his way of sitting on a chair and leaning towards a wall.

Dilip Kumar Thought Saira Wasn't Heroine Material

Dilip Kumar didn't want Saira Banu to be a part of his film, 'Ram Aur Shyam' because he thought that she was way too young, quiet, and shy at that time. He felt that she wasn't a heroine material.

Dilip Kumar's First Compliment To Saira Banu

When Saira Banu's mother, Naseem Banu, invited Dilip Kumar to their house, the first thing Dilip saab said to Saira was a beautiful compliment. He said, "You have grown up to be a beautiful girl.”

Saira Banu And Dilip Kumar's First Date

Dilip Kumar took permission from Saira Banu's mother, Naseem Banu and grandmother, Shamshad Begum, to take Saira out for a date. After getting their approval, Saira and Dilip went to Cuffe Parade.

Dilip Kumar's Proposal For Marriage To Saira Banu

On their first date, Dilip Kumar popped up the question for marriage to Saira Banu. She told him to talk to her elders first. After which, Dilip talked to Saira's grandmother, and they got married.

Dilip Kumar And Saira Banu's Wedding

With the blessings of their respective families, Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu got married on October 11, 1966. The gorgeous Saira was only 22 and Dilip was 44 at the time of their marriage.

Saira Banu's Miscarriage

Saira Banu suffered a miscarriage in her eighth month in 1972. Due to high blood pressure, her child was strangulated by the umbilical cord, and doctors couldn't save the baby.

Saira Banu On Dilip Kumar's Simplicity

Once Saira Banu revealed that Dilip Kumar was the kind of simple man who wouldn't hesitate to pick food from his staff members' plates and eat. Also, he would take bidi from anyone of his staffers.

'Tragedy King', Dilip Kumar's Death

Veteran actor, Dilip Kumar passed away on July 7, 2021, at the age of 98, due to prolonged illness. Iconic actor's family friend, Faisal Farooqui confirmed the tragic news.

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