21 July, 2021

Celebs Who Chose To Get Their Eggs Frozen

Here's a list of celebs, who, by opting for egg freezing, proved women can focus on themselves than worrying about biological clock ticking.

By Akanksha Gupta

Sukirti Kandpal

Speaking about egg freezing, 'Dill Mill Gayye' fame, Sukirti stated to the Mid-Day, "I have already frozen my eggs. But I have not yet considered whether I want to start a family without a partner."

Sukirti continued, "At the moment, my focus is only on my career. Bringing a child into this world is a huge responsibility, and once I am ready for it, I will revisit this question."

Diana Hayden

Diana married Collin Dick in a private ceremony in 2013. Diana had frozen her eggs at the age of 34 and eight years later, in 2016, Diana became a mother to an adorable baby girl, Arya.

Diana was 32 when she learnt about egg freezing, which was an uncommon term back then. In March 2018, Diana embraced parenthood again with the arrival of her twins, a son and a daughter.

Ekta Kapoor

Revealing her decision to freeze her eggs, the producer-director, Ekta Kapoor said in Pinkvilla interview, "I had stored my eggs when I was 36. Had a calling for a long time I don’t know what was it."

Ekta Kapoor, who welcomed her son, Ravie Kapoor, via surrogacy in 2019, continued, "I don’t know I thought I might get married, might not. Very late, if it happens."

Mona Singh

Mona Singh, who tied the knot at 39, revealed that she had already frozen her eggs when she was 34. At this stage of life, Mona's not mentally prepared for kids and would consider motherhood later.

Mona said in TOI interview, "I have frozen my eggs and now I am free. I did that at the age of 34. Because I have gotten married now, I want to chill with my partner and travel the world with him."

Tanishaa Mukerji

Tanishaa wanted to freeze her eggs when she was 33 but her doctor advised her not to because it takes a toll on one's body. The doctor advised her to do it when she has no hope of conceiving a baby.

At 39, Tanishaa froze her eggs and because of the egg freezing procedure, she had put on weight. With a hardcore regime, Tanishaa became fit again! Tanuja and Kajol supported her in the decision.

Rakhi Sawant

Drama Queen, Rakhi had also frozen her eggs. Revealing her decision, Rakhi said to Bollywood Life, "Yes, I want to become a mother. Ab time ho gaya hai. Since I have my eggs frozen, I can also work."

Speaking about her decision, Rakhi shared women face lots of issues after a certain age to become a mother. So, to work long term in Bollywood, 'it’s better if one freezes their eggs'.

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