18 October, 2021

Celebrity Confessions On Simi Garewal's Show

From big achievements to shocking revelations, here are some bold confessions of celebs on the show 'Rendezvous With Simi Garewal'.

By Monisha G Kumar

Sushmita Sen's struggle to adopt Renee

Sushmita Sen talked about her struggle to adopt her first child, Renee and said that she went to 14 organisations and they all refused her because she was a single parent.

Kiran Bedi's experience with bribe

Supercop, Kiran Bedi opened up about her experience with bribe and said that wealthy businessmen would come to her house and offer her gold wristwatch or necklace.

Aishwarya Rai called Bollywood 'crabs in basket '

Aishwarya Rai once described the film industry having a crab mentality, where each one tries to pull the other down. Talking about the same, she said, "It's about all the crabs in the basket."

Rekha admitting her love for Amitabh Bachchan

When Simi asked Rekha whether she is in love with Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha instantly replied that when every other man, woman and child loves him, then why should she be singled out.

Shweta Bachchan being whacked because of Abhishek

In one of the episodes, Shweta Bachchan revealed being punished for Abhishek's mischiefs because she was suppose to set examples. In the same episode, Amitabh called him a 'brat'.

Kareena Kapoor on going to Harvard University

Kareena Kapoor revealed that going to Harvard University was more than winning an Oscar as no one believed that a Kapoor girl can go there to study. But things didn't work out and she came back.

Preity Zinta did quirky things to look adult

In one of the episodes, the bubbly Preity Zinta recalled stuffing her mom's bra with oranges at the age of 12 to enter an 18 and above party. She also posed in front of the club and said, she was 18.

Raveena Tandon on engagement with Akshay Kumar

Talking about her 2-year break from the industry, Raveena Tandon said she was engaged to somebody from the industry and decided to lead a normal life after quitting Bollywood.

Maneka Gandhi's intuition on Sanjay's death

In an episode featuring the Gandhi 'bahu', Maneka Gandhi, she said that a year before Sanjay Gandhi's death, she and Indira Gandhi had an intuition that he was going to die.

Shah Rukh Khan wanted Aryan to be a spoilt brat

When Shah Rukh Khan appeared on the show with his wife, Gauri, he revealed that he wanted his son, Aryan to be a spoilt brat. SRK said he wanted his son to run after girls and do drugs.

Mukesh Ambani proposed Nita in middle of traffic

When Mukesh Ambani graced the show with Nita Ambani, he recalled his proposal story and revealed that while on a long drive, he stopped the car in the middle of the road and proposed Nita.

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's first kiss

On the show, Saif Ali Khan recalled heading to Amrita Singh's house after she refused to go on a date. As the night passed, they talked and had their first kiss and Saif stayed in her home for 2 days.

Simi Garewal's romantic relation with Ratan Tata