05 September, 2021

Brides Who Wore Pretty Floral Kaleeras

Being a bride is every girl's dream. The rituals add even more fun to it, and wearing kaleera is one such tradition.

By Ekta Chanana

Bride wore real flower kaleera

In 2017, when Natasha Arora had tied the knot, she made sure to keep her ensemble subtle. And she not only opted for a pink wedding lehenga but also made heads turn with real flower kaleeras.

Bride: Natasha Arora Image Credits: Ivy Weddings

For the uninitiated, kaleeras were first worn in the 20th century in Punjab, India. The Punjabi brides used to don it on their wedding day.

Traditionally, kaleeras are tied on the wrist of the bride on the day of the wedding by her sisters and friends.

After the ceremony, the bride tries to drop it on the head of her bridesmaids. It is believed, whoever gets it, is the next in line to tie the knot.

Over the years, we have seen many kaleera trends. From pompom kaleeras to shell kaleera and traditional gold kaleeras. However, floral kaleeras are most loved by brides across India.

The brides not only wear these unique floral kaleeras on their wedding day, but also on their pre-wedding fesitivites.

According to the traditions, kaleeras is a blessing for the new bride that she never runs out of food in her new home.

Image Credits: Rasem Bappy

Nowadays, the tradition of wearing kaleeras, is not just limited to Punjabi brides. The brides across religion are incorporating these lovely trinkets in their wedding ceremonies.

Image Credits: Rasem Bappy

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