10 February, 2023

20 Brides Wearing Diamond 'Naths'

A diamond is a girl's best friend. And these brides have manifested their love for the same, by wearing diamond 'naths' for their wedding!

By Srijony Das

Sleek round diamonds

The bride shimmered in an all-diamond jewellery for her wedding. However, her 'nath' deserves separate appreciation for its perfectly round and sleek diamond setting.

Uncut diamonds

The bride's 'nath' has literally no strings attached and featured instead a perfect setting of raw, uncut diamonds.

Diamond and emeralds

The bride opted for a regal looking 'nath' on her wedding day. It featured a unique styling of miniature diamonds and a centrally placed emerald.

'Nauvari' 'nath'

The typical Marathi bride donned a small yet traditional, 'nauvari' style of 'nath'. It featured small diamonds encrusted together.

Small 'nath' with a dangler

The bride opted to wear a small sized diamond 'nath' that featured an equally small dangler at the end. It is in particularity made of a single whole diamond.

Diamond 'kada' style nose ring

The bride donned an oversized, 'kada' style nose ring for her wedding. The entire piece of jewellery featured small diamonds, as well as diamond dust to add the glow.

Chained diamonds

The 'nath' worn by the bride featured a chain like style. The placement of small, single diamonds are placed one after enhances the look.

Double layered diamonds

The 'nath' worn by the bride featured doubly layered diamonds in a half-crescent shape. The tiny diamond dangler at the end adds the charm.

Floral diamonds

Apart from the delicately placed diamonds on the string as well as the ring portion, there is also a floral design of diamonds formed as the dangler part.

Diamond and gold

The bride opted for a gold nose ring adorned with diamonds. It also featured a charming pearl dangler at the end.

Double layered 'nath'

The bride styled double diamond 'naths' for her wedding. A small traditional 'nath' is followed up with an oversized diamond nath, that featured a single stone dangler as well.

Cluster diamond 'nath'

The bride exuded elegance in a cluster diamond 'nath' for her wedding. The mini sized trinket as the dangler of the 'nath' was unmissable.

Minimalist diamond 'nath'

The bride opted for a graceful yet minimalist styled diamond 'nath' for her wedding. It lies completely in sync with her minimal makeup tone and accessories.

Customised diamond 'nath'

The bride opted for a customised diamond 'nath' that featured floral charm embellishments in it. The main ring is laden with mini diamonds.

Diamond spokes

The bride wore a traditional diamond 'nath' that featured small diamond spokes all around it. However, it can be simply attached to the nose, and there is no hair string attached to it.

Leaf shaped diamond 'nath'

The bride donned a leaf shaped diamond 'nath' for her wedding. The tassle on the other hand featured both a diamond laden chain and mini danglers all over it.

Diamond, rubies and pearls

The bride's unique 'nath' featured a culmination of diamonds, pearls and rubies. The drop-down pearl danglers add the charm.

Diamond 'nath' with a trinket

The Marathi bride donned a small, diamond-encrusted nath for her wedding, that featured a single trinket adding to the charm. Minimal makeup and kohl-rimmed eyes amped her look.

Heart-shaped diamond 'nath'

The bride opted for a quirky and contemporary, heart-shaped diamond 'nath'. It also featured tiny beadwork and a small 'jhumki' at the end.

Drop shaped diamond 'nath'

The bride looked pretty in a diamond 'nath' that featured drop-shaped diamond beads attached at its end. Other heavy diamond jewellery and glam makeup completed her look.

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