01 December, 2023

20 Beautiful 'Pairphool' Designs For Brides

Jewellery is one of the most important part of bride's overall look. So, let's take a look at stunning 'pairphool' designs for 'dulhaniyas'!

By Tanya Shree

Boho 'pairphool'

If you want to add a bit of old yet quirky touch to your bridal look, you can opt for a pair of beautiful boho-patterned 'pairphool'. It will enhance the overall beauty of your D-day look.

'Gota-patti' with flower 'pairphool'

For your 'mehendi' ceremony, you can accessorise you look with a pair of beautiful 'gota-patti' 'pairphools' featuring artificial rose. You 'henna' adorned legs will look more stunning.

Pearl 'jaal' 'pairphool'

For many brides, pearl is their go to option when it comes to jewellery. So, opt for a pair of 'jaal'-patterned 'pairphool' featuring birds and flower detail. It will make you stand out in the crowd.

Stone-studded 'pairphool'

For brides, who want a traditional touch to their wedding day look, a pair of beautiful pearl and stone-studded layered 'pairphool' is the best choice.

Pearl drop 'pairphool'

A pair of 'kundan' 'pairphool' adorned with dainty pearl drops is the best option for brides who want a simple yet heavy bridal look. It will enhance the beauty of your 'alta' adorned feet.

Crystal stone-studded 'pairphool'

Accessorise your bridal look with a pair of crystal stone-studded sleek 'pairphool'. This will add a sober touch to your bridal look.

Gold 'pairphool'

For South Indian brides, a pair of gold 'pairphool' is the best choice. It will not only enhance your beauty but also add a traditional touch to your look.

Peacock detailed 'pairphool'

A pair of peacock-detailed 'pairphool' looks flattering on brides. This is one of the designs that brides enjoy the most and it makes them stand out.

Ruby-studded 'pairphool'

Gemstone-studded 'pairphool' has added a new dimension to the jewellery designs. Pair a lehenga with a beautiful ruby-studded 'pairphool' and you are good to go.

Floral patchworked 'pairphool'

For the brides who want to add a traditional touch to their white wedding, a pair of stunning floral patch-worked 'pairphool' is the best choice. It will add an ethnic and modern touch to your look.

'Ghungroo' adorned 'pairphool'

Brides these days have set the trend of wearing heavy jewellery pieces. These 'ghungroo' adorned silver 'pairphool' is a classic accessory which can be paired with sarees as well as lehengas.

Floral-designed 'pairphool'

Donning a floral 'pairphool' with pearl beads would make a bride look mesmerising on their special day. This particular 'pairphool' design is best for 'mehendi' and 'haldi' ceremony.

Mirror-detailed 'pairphool'

This 'pairphool' design is a delicate and intricate piece of bridal jewellery. The mirrors, crystals, and pearl detail gives it a beautiful appearance. So, go for it and you are all set.


Double ring adorned 'pairphool'

The double ring attached 'pairphool' is undoubtedly a statement maker. It will looked extremely beautiful with a stunning 'laal shaadi ka joda'.

Emerald 'pairphool'

Emerald jewellery is the new trend in the bridal fashion. So, if you want to make a style statement through your bridal jewellery, opt for a emerald 'pairphool'.

Oxidised 'pairphool'

When it comes to 'pairphool', nothing can beat the uniqueness of oxidised 'pairphools'. So, oxidised 'pairphool' featuring statement rings attached is the best for brides who want a boho chic look.

Triangle-staped 'pairphool'

The triangle-shaped 'pairphool' gives a traditional touch to the brides and looks pleasing. It will look stunning when teamed with a red lehenga.

Silver 'pairphool'

Wearing silver jewellery in feet is an age-old tradition. So, for brides who loves to keep a close touch to their roots, donning a pair of silver 'pairphool' is the best option.

Silver 'pairphool' with 'gota-patti' work

If you want to enhance the beauty of your henna adorned feets, silver 'pairphool' adorned with 'gota-patti' work is the best choice. It will make you look graceful on your D-day.

'Dulha-dulhan' designed 'pairphool'

These days, brides are hell bend on experimenting and setting a trend with their D-day look. So, if you also want to do the same, opt for a 'dulha'dulhan' engraved 'pairphool'.

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