17 January, 2023

20 Brides In Silver 'Kaleeras'

Take a look at these brides, who chose to be unique in their bridal style, and wore silver 'kaleeras'.

By Srijony Das

Silver 'Kaleeras' With 'Kundan' Work

The bride here had opted for a pristine silver 'kaleera', that has been covered with minute 'kundan' work. The tassles feature crystal bead work.

Dainty Silver 'Kaleeras'

The bride added simple and dainty silver 'kaleeras' to her bridal look. This choice contrasted well with her heavy jewellery.

Silver 'Kaleeras' With Mirror work

The bride wore a stunning pair of silver 'kaleeras', that feature a unique mirror work in each of its petals. It adds an ounce of glam to her ensemble.

Heavy 'Jhumki' Silver 'Kaleeras'

This bride opted for a heavy 'jhumki' styled silver 'kaleera'. It simply created the perfect match for her silver embellished ensemble.

Pristine Silver 'Kaleeras'

The bride wore the classic style of silver 'kaleeras' for her wedding, which featured a unique 'jharokha' pattern.

Silver And White Metal 'Kaleeras'

The bride opted for a silver 'kaleera', that features a unique white metal base. The stunning gold design is unmissable.

Layered silver 'kaleeras'

The bride opted for a unique choice of silver 'kaleera', that features small trinkets attached to it. The different layers of the 'kaleera' add the oomph factor.

Multiple 'Jhumkis' Silver 'Kaleeras'

This bride wore an intresting style of 'kaleeras'. It uniquely featured four 'jhumkis' each on either hand.

Temple-Style Silver 'Kaleeras'

The bride wore a temple-style, square shaped silver 'kaleera'. Notice the minute detailing in each layer.

Small Length Silver 'Kaleeras'

The bride wears a classic silver 'kaleera', that spans in three layers. However, the only difference from any other ordinary 'kaleera' is its short length.

Tasselled Silver 'Kaleeras'

The Punjabi bride dons a long set of silver 'kaleeras'. It also features a unique pattern of small tassels all over.

Silver Bead 'Kaleeras'

The bride stuns in a pair of stunning silver 'kaleeras'. Its uniqueness is preserved in the small tassles of silver beads.

Long 'Kaleeras'

The bride accompanies her gorgeous bridal ensemble with a pair of long 'kaleeras'. It's length is spread across four different layers.

Blue in Silver 'Kaleeras'

The bride complements her powder-blue bridal ensemble, by wearing a pair of silver 'kaleeras'. However, it stands unique because of its goegeous blue highlights.

Waterfall Silver 'Kaleeras'

The pair of 'kaleera' worn by the bride is massive, and it also creates a waterfall effect with the multiple hanging strands.

Oxidised Silver 'Kaleeras' With Pearls

The bride has worn a pair of oxidised silver 'kaleeras', that has been strewn in rose gold chain and dainty pearl strings.

Silver 'Kaleeras' With Cowrie Shells

The bride brought a contemporray vibe with her stunning selection of silver 'kaleeras'. Along with the usual embellishments, it also consists of cowrie shells and sea shells.

Long Silver 'Kaleeras'

The bride wears a pair of silver 'kaleeras', that becomes the highlight of her attire. The long legth tassles add the extra charm.

'Kaleeras' With Silver Strands

The 'kaleera' worn by the bride is simply exquisite, because it features mirror work, along with gold and pearl beads and silver tassles.

Bride Dons Unique Pompom 'Kaleeras'