12 Bad Habits You Need To Let Go If You Want To Save Your Hair From Thinning

By Ojasvee Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018 | 08:33:23 IST

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Who would not wish to have hair like Disney princesses, Jasmine or Rapunzel, known for their gorgeous hair! But, alas, it becomes a mere dream for most of us. And thinning hair is the culprit behind it. Having long, healthy and luscious hair is every woman's dream. But ladies, achieving that goal is no child's play. However, here we have compiled a list of 12 habits that you must ditch to prevent your hair from thinning.

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#1. Leaving them dirty

Women usually stick to the 'washing your hair thrice a week' rule. This is absolutely wrong. According to dermatologists, one must wash their hair as soon as they notice an oily scalp. A clean scalp boosts hair growth. So, you just cannot mark the days on the calendar when you will have a head wash. You can always buy a mild shampoo and wash your hair daily. (READ: 7 Common Hair Washing Blunders)


#2. Too much oiling

Indulging in a hot oil hair massage is good for the pores over your scalp. But, clogging your scalp with oil 24x7 is the worst way to treat your hair. Our body naturally produces sufficient oil for the roots of the hair. So, you should concentrate more on oiling the tip of the strands instead of the roots. And, even then, if you are going in for a deep scalp oil massage, make sure you rinse off your hair within an hour. (READ: Benefits Of Castor Oil)

#3. Excessive use of chemicals


All the hairsprays and other chemicals that you use for styling your hair are only worsening their condition. The amount of chemical you expose your hair to, will ultimately lead to hair thinning. Avoid these products as much as possible. Even your shampoo and conditioner should be as natural as possible.

#4. Colouring and bleaching

If you want to get your hair coloured for fun, there is no harm in that. But, bleaching them is an absolute no-no. Always get your hair coloured by an expert. Do not expose your hair to these treatments again and again as the chemicals will make your hair dull and brittle. If you want to gor for natural colouring, henna is certainly the best option.


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#5. Vigorous brushing


Your hair is gentle, so do not brush them in a haphazard manner. Vigorous brushing produces static electricity in the hair that makes them weak. So, even if you are in a hurry, be gentle while brushing your hair.

#6. Cheap hair accessories

If you like decorating your hair with pretty pins, or like to experiment with its length using extensions, then stay away from products that use cheap materials. The material they are made of is bad for the scalp. Also, they usually get tangled in your hair, and irritate the roots. Always look for quality while choosing your hair accessories. (READ: 5 Oils That Will Give You Long Hair)


#7. Too much tying

Tying your hair too much, and for too long affects the follicles of your hair. Your roots need to breathe. Do let them loose from time to time. Avoid tying your hair in ponytails or buns for long. (READ: Hairstyles That Cause Hair Loss)

#8. Combing wet hair


Yes we know, if you comb your hair when they are wet, they tend to remain straight. However, do not forget there is a catch to that. When you come out of the shower, the roots of your hair are at their tender most. If you de-tangle them then and there, it will make you lose a big bunch of your hair. So, let your locks dry first and then proceed.

#9. Using a hair dryer every time

Using a hair dryer to dry your hair once in a while or in case of an emergency is fine. But, it should not become a routine. It will damage your hair beyond repair. Let your hair dry naturally.


#10. Unhealthy eating

Your hair is as good as your diet. If you take too much of alcohol or caffeinated products, it will reflect upon your hair. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, and try to incorporate proteins and iron in your meal. If your body lacks sufficient nutrients, your hair will pay the price. Try to detox yourself once in a while.

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#11. Stress

Stress does not only give you a headache or dark circles, it leads to thinning of hair as well. If you worry too much, your hairline will inevitably recede. Keep calm and include meditation in your daily routine if you want to prevent your hair from thinning.

#12. Improper sleep


If you have bad sleeping habits, you will never have healthy hair. When you sleep, your body gets enough time to relax and rejuvenate. If you do not sleep for a good 8-10 hours, your body will not get enough time to do justice to your hair. There is a reason why it is called 'beauty sleep'.

Well, do keep in mind all these points, and have the most awesome hair that will be the envy of every girl around you!

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