Easy Tips to Plan a Theme Wedding Within Budget


Theme weddings can be a lot of fun as they add a fresh and exciting perspective to a very traditional celebration. Now, since people have become more experimental than before, they are ready to try out new things to make their wedding stand out. However, a big constraint that can wash over your dreams of having a theme wedding is that of a limited budget. So, is it impossible to get your heart’s wish when you are unable to spend lavishly? Well, this is not true. Here are a few tips of planning a theme wedding within a budget.

Outdoor theme

One of the innovative ways to plan an outdoor theme wedding is to have it in your own backyard. If you have enough space in your house or apartment complex, why spend loads on renting a park or any other open-air venue? Just limit the number of invitees, so that there is enough space for everybody to have fun and enjoy this outdoor wedding gala.

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Beach wedding on a budget

You can have a beach theme wedding on a budget if you plan it right. If it is a destination wedding, think about housing all the guests together in one place to save on the elaborate transportation costs. Also rent a house for accommodation, instead of booking hotel rooms. As for the food, you can get in touch with some beachside shacks and small eating joints to take care of your catering needs. Instead of an elaborate spread, just indulge in local cuisines. Seafood here would be easily and cheaply available at all local markets.

You can do away with too elaborate decorations as well. This is one wedding theme idea where you can easily make the most of the settings and the fantastic views for memorable photo-ops, entertain guests, and make a good impression, while doing it all in a budget.

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Rustic theme wedding

For a wedding with a rustic theme consider any idyllic location away from the busy city where there is lots of greenery, a pond in the vicinity, and fresh air. If you have roots in country life, then planning such a wedding will not be difficult. Housing the guests in a village might be a little tough but will not be too expensive on your pockets for sure. You can hire local artists in the village to perform at your reception, and consider dishes that reflect the traditional food of the place. For your guests this will turn into a memorable and interesting event they will talk about for a long time.

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Off-season discounts for theme weddings

Those who can wait should plan their wedding during off-season. Off-season is a time when everyone from venues and stylists to wedding vendors offer huge discounts, due to a downfall in the number of weddings. Many hotels also offer discounts when tourist flow is lax. It is an ideal way to fulfil your wish for an interesting and exciting theme wedding without making it cost a fortune. Plan any theme based on the venue such as a wildlife theme wedding at an outdoor setting, or sports theme pre-wedding celebrations at a sports club.

Armed with these tips you can certainly turn your dreams of having a theme wedding into a reality right within your budget. So, time to start planning, we say!

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