6 Hottest Colour Trends for Summer Weddings

Summer is such a wonderful season with gorgeous flowers in bloom and beautiful sunshine. But choosing a colour theme for your wedding to complement this amazing season is a little difficult. With a few helpful suggestions from our side and some of your creativity, you can definitely plan something awesome for your wedding.

Blue and white

Summers in India can be really hot. So why not add an interesting touch to your wedding by going for cool colours like blue and white? Blue is a very serene colour that will add a touch of calm and tranquillity to your decor.

What does it signify: Together they signify loyalty, royalty and purity.

Pair it up with: If blue and white are looking a little dull, you can jazz up your decor with silver accents. When it comes to floral decor, don’t hesitate to add lots of green foliage to accentuate the overall look.

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Gold and yellow

Think of summer and the colour that will immediately strike you will be yellow. Tones of yellow and gold look beautiful together and are perfect for a summer wedding.

What does it signify: They symbolise happiness, energy, friendship and of course wealth.

Pair it up with: It would be a nice idea to play around with a third colour to accentuate your yellow and gold decor. Gold and pink look really pretty together, as does yellow and magenta.

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Classic Red

In an Indian wedding, you can never really go wrong with red. However, too much of red can hurt the eye. Offset your decor with smaller accents like candles, curtains and flowers to create a harmonised look.

 What does it signify: Red signifies everlasting love. The colour is also associated with celebration, beauty and passion.

Pair it up with: Red can be paired with gold, white and orange too. You can mix and match various shades of red to get a monochromatic look as well.

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Purple and lavender

The colour of royalty and spirituality, purple can make your wedding look really elegant.

What does purple signify: Royalty and luxury are few things which are symbolised by purple; while lavender stands for femininity and grace.

Pair it up with: Purple and silver is a timeless combination. You can also pair it up with green or experiment with lavender and gold.

Go green

Green is the colour of nature and refreshment, which can be perfect for a summer wedding. It is a new trend in India at least, and you can make a fashion statement by having a green colour palette for your wedding decor.

What does green signify: Harmony, peace and rejuvenating are adjectives which describe the colour green perfectly.

Pair it up with: Yellow, pink and white are colours that go perfectly with green. If you like to add a little drama to your decor, you can experiment with green and purple too.

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Rainbow theme

Though rainbow may seem like a childish theme, it can look really beautiful if you use it well. Rainbow represents harmony between different colours.

What does it signify: In a number of different mythologies rainbows are seen as a positive sign from the God. It is also believed to be a symbol of divinity and beauty.

Pair it up with: Since you are using a variety of colours, you need to have one neutral colour like white or maybe silver as your background. With a rainbow theme, the sky is literally your limit. Mix and match your colours and create a colourful wedding!

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