These Videos Of Malaika Arora Khan Reveal Why She Can Totally Rock A Bikini In Her 40s

These Videos Of Malaika Arora Khan Reveal Why She Can Totally Rock A Bikini In Her 40s

No one can rock a bikini at 43 the way she does, no one can pull off a high slit like her and we bet, no one can sweat it out like her or muscle up and manage to always look fit like she does.

By now, we are sure you guessed who we are talking about. Yes, the lady of the moment is none other than Malaika Arora Khan.

Malaika Arora Khan

In 1998, Malaika slayed in that Chaiyya Chaiyya song from Dil Se, and 14 years later, when we saw her in Munni from Dabangg 2, we were spell bound! It’s not all in her genes; the fine lady has worked really hard to stay in shape.

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Here's a picture for some realistic comparison!

Malaik Srora Fitness

She does yoga; she eats moderately and to stay away from stacking on all the extra kilos, Malaika does a variety of exercises in the gym, which include, pilates, plans, squats and what not!

Woah, isn’t she one hell of an inspiration for anyone who has been struggling with weight loss or lacking motivation to lose weight?

Malaika Arora Khan

If you are just endlessly trying to battle out all those bulges and flabs at the gym and see no results (we know how frustrating it can be), here are 5 kickass videos of Malaika Arora Khan sweating it out that will give you all the motivation and encouragement you need at that moment.

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#1. She makes something like pilates too, look so exciting and simple!

#2. These are some core stability lessons for sure!

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#3. We have no words for this one!

#4. This is what is called stronger and fitter!

#5. Do we have a title for iron lady?

Looking at these videos, we have no words to describe Malaika’s determination to stay fit and strong. Malaika, we can never thank you enough for giving us the right kind of motivation to shed it all out! Time for no flabs only abs we guess. For more updates on celebs and their fitness secrets, stay tuned with us.

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