When Zeenat Aman Was Brutally Beaten By Ex-Husband, Sanjay Khan Leaving Her One Eye Damaged For Life

Throwback to the infamous incident when Sanjay Khan permanently damaged his ex-wife, Zeenat Aman's eye after thrashing her in a hotel room in front of many people.


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When Zeenat Aman Was Brutally Beaten By Ex-Husband, Sanjay Khan Leaving Her One Eye Damaged For Life

Iconic actress, Zeenat Aman was one of the most successful actresses and models of her generation. At the age of 19, she became the first Indian to win the Miss Asia Pacific pageant in 1970. The gorgeous actress was born on November 19, 1951, to a Muslim father and a Maharashtrian Brahmin mother, Vardhini Karvaste. Since the beginning of her childhood, she has been interested in dancing and cinema, courtesy to the fact that her father, Amanullah Khan was a screenwriter and Zeenat was the cousin of the famous actor, Raza Murad.

With such deep connections to the Hindi film industry, Zeenat Aman made her acting debut in 1971 with the film, Hare Ram Hare Krishna. In her illustrious acting career, Zeenat had worked with some of the biggest stars of her generation in so many critically-acclaimed movies.

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Zeenat Aman Dev Anand

Some of Zeenat Aman's most notable films are the likes of Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Love Sublime, Don, Qurbani, Yaadon Ki Baarat, Laawaris, Dostana, Roti Kapda Aur Makaan, Dharam Veer, and Hum Kisise Kum Naheen. The iconic actress was one of the highest-paid actresses of her generation, and her one glance was enough to make anyone fall in love with her. However, despite being such a magnum superstar and the dream of every man, Zeenat never had success in the matters of love.

Zeenat Aman's broken marriages with Sanjay Khan and Mazhar Khan

zeenat aman sanjay khan

Despite being the woman of every man's dream, Zeenat Aman never experienced a healthy and steady relationship in her life. The actress had got married for the first time in her life back in 1978 to Sanjay Khan. Despite knowing the fact that Sanjay was already married to Zarine Katrak, the actress had taken the leap of faith. But everything had come crashing down after a few months of their wedding, and Sanjay soon left her after their wedding was annulled in 1979.

zeenat aman mazhar

After her disastrous marriage with Sanjay Khan, the heartbroken actress, Zeenat Aman found solace in actor, Mazhar Khan’s company. Both of them had got married in 1985 and welcomed two sons, Azaan Khan and Zahaan Khan. However, once again, due to a lot of emotional turmoil, Zeenat had decided to part ways with Mazhar just before his death in 1998.

When Zeenat Aman’s ex-husband, Sanjay Khan smashed her in a hotel room

zeenat aman sanjay khan

Although everyone was aware of Zeenat Aman’s turbulent married life with Sanjay Khan, which was full of kicks and slaps from the filmmaker on the actress during their unhappy marriage. However, there was one incident that is still hidden in history as it speaks everything about the kind of husband Sanjay Khan was to his ex-wife, Zeenat.

zeenat aman sanjay khan

For the uninitiated, Zeenat Aman was filming with the cast and crew of one of her films in Lonavala, when Sanjay Khan asked her to come to Mumbai immediately. The actor was also the director of the film, Abdullah, in which Zeenat was also a part. Thus, he had told Zeenat to come back to Bombay as he wanted to shoot the remaining parts of a song in their film. At first, Zeenat had denied it as she had already given dates to other filmmakers, but because she was deeply in love with her husband, Sanjay, she came to Bombay.

sanjay khan zarine

After reaching Sanjay Khan’s residence, the actress was informed that the director was partying in hotel Taj with his wife, Zarine Katrak. However, when Zeenat Aman reached hotel Taj and just wanted to settle the issue of dates with Sanjay, the latter reacted in a way that still gave chills to everyone. As soon as Sanjay found out that Zeenat had entered the hotel to meet him in the presence of his wife, Zarine Katrak, the director lost it all and thrashed her inside the hotel room. From lifting her by her hair to beating her continuously on the floor and punching her here and there, it was the darkest day of Zeenat’s life.

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Sanjay Khan's wife, Zarine encouraged and lauded her husband to beat Zeenat Aman mercilessly

While Sanjay Khan was beating Zeenat Aman continuously inside the hotel room, neither the staff nor anyone from the party came to save the actress from his wrath. However, the only person, who had entered that room was Zarine Katrak, but to everyone’s surprise, she encouraged and lauded her husband for beating Zeenat mercilessly. Not only this, but Zarine also abused the actress and told Sanjay to teach her a lesson that she would never forget.

Sanjay Khan damaged Zeenat Aman's eye permanently

zeenat aman sanjay khan

Sanjay Khan beating Zeenat Aman inside the hotel room wasn’t the first time when the filmmaker had raised his hands on the actress. However, what was different that day was the fact that he set his inner animal free. During the beating, Sanjay thrashed Zeenat’s head a few times, which damaged one of her eyes permanently. Although the medical condition is diagnosed in the early stages of a person’s childhood, the actress suffering from the same at such an age was the result of a heavy hit on her brain.

Despite being beaten by her husband, Sanjay Khan, in such an inhuman way, Zeenat Aman hadn’t filed a case with the police. The reason? Well, she had loved him with all her heart and soul, which was why she had decided to leave him without making him pay for his inhuman acts. However, soon the incident made it into the news and Zeenat’s doctor told a publication in an interview that Sanjay had also given her a black eye in the past. In a shocking revelation, the actress’ doctor had said:

"This is not the first time this man (Sanjay Khan) has beaten her. Once before, she (Zeenat Aman) was given a black eye and kicked in the ribs so hard that I insisted on an X-Ray for fear of a crack."

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Zeenat Aman’s close ones confirmed Sanjay Khan had beaten her badly

After the incident made its way into the news, several fingers were getting pointed at Sanjay Khan. That’s when he had stated that Zeenat Aman’s eye issue was a hereditary problem. The filmmaker had explained that Zeenat’s mother was suffering from strabismus, which is a medical condition and hence, their daughter inherited the same from her. However, the undisclosed sources from the hotel and Zeenat’s close friends confirmed that whatever was mentioned in the newspapers had happened in real. One of the sources close to the actress had said:

"We all know what had happened between Sanjay Khan and Zeenat. I was a first-hand witness to it. First of all, anyone, who raises his hand on a woman and that too so brutally that she is scarred for life, should be in jail, not writing his self-glorifying fairytale biography. And secondly, if you were brazen enough to humiliate and hurt a lady in public, why are you shy of admitting it now? This is as bad as the film Sanju which completely whitewashed Sanjay Dutt’s image."

There’s no denying the fact that the actress deserves all the respect and love in the world for always fighting her way out, even in the darkest of times. Zeenat Aman will always be remembered as one of the most stunning and talented actresses in the Indian film industry.

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