When Emraan Hashmi Got In An Ugly Spat With Mallika Sherawat Over Bold Kissing Scenes In 'Murder'

Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat are not on talking terms and share ice-cold vibes with each other. Here's all you need to know about the 'Murder' co-star's cold war!


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When Emraan Hashmi Got In An Ugly Spat With Mallika Sherawat Over Bold Kissing Scenes In 'Murder'

Bollywood actor, Emraan Hashmi is a well-known personality in the glamour world, as he has inspired millions of people with his personal life. The actor became an overnight sensation with his high-rated intimate scene with actress, Mallika Sherawat in the 2004 hit film, Murder. Apart from gaining a huge fan following, Emraan got the popular title of a 'serial kisser', which he flaunts with pride.

There is no denying the fact that Emraan and Mallika shared some sensuous moments together while shooting for their blockbuster movie, Murder. The duo left everyone's jaws dropped with their sizzling chemistry, while their on-screen romance became the talk of the town. Mallika and Emraan, who managed to grab a lot of eyeballs, were rated as the top-notch reel-life pairs in Bollywood. However, not many know that both actors share ice-cold vibes with each other and never miss a chance to take a dig at each other.

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When Emraan Hashmi called Mallika Sherawat 'the worst kisser'

Emraan Hashmi has time and again made headlines with his controversial remarks, which he regretted later. However, when he made his debut on the most controversial show of Bollywood, Koffee With Karan, Emraan was asked to name the best and the worst on-screen kisses he had. Responding to the same, the actor made a shocking revelation that his worst on-screen kiss was with his Murder co-star, Mallika Sherwat, while Jacqueline Fernandez was a better kisser in the film, Murder 2. Well, that's not all, when Emraan was further asked what he would find in Mallika's bedroom, he replied:

"An Idiot's Guide to Succeed in Hollywood."

Undoubtedly, this incident heated up the things between Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat and started a cold war between the two. However, being her unapologetic self, Mallika was also not behind in giving Emraan a befitting answer. During one of her interviews, she lashed out at Emraan and said that the snake she kissed in the film, Hisss, was a better kisser than her Murder co-star, Emraan.

When Emraan Hashmi revealed he hates Mallika Sherawat

In an interview with India Forums, when Emraan Hashmi was on a promotional spree for his film, Awaarapan, he made a controversial remark against Mallika Sherawat. When the host asked the actor which actress he has enjoyed working with the most, he said all actresses except Mallika. Revealing the reason behind the same, Emraan shared that he hated her as she was a loudmouth. In his words:

"All of them, except Mallika. She is a loudmouth. I hate her."

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When Mallika called her fight with Emraan Hashmi 'the funniest'

Later, in an interview with Mandira Bedi on The Love Laugh Live show, Mallika Sherwat opened up about her fight with Emraan Hashmi. When Mandira asked Mallika about the silliest fights she had, the actress recalled her fight with her first co-star, Emraan Hashmi and called it childish behaviour. Mallika laughed about their fight and expressed her sadness about no longer being in touch with Emraan. In her words:

“The funniest was with Emraan Hashmi after or during Murder. We didn't speak and now I think it was so childish. It was after the film I think during promotions or something we had a misunderstanding. It was so uncalled for and so childish on my part also. I’m no less. I lost touch with him and it’s really sad, because he was a wonderful co-star, because he’s so friendly and giving. He’s a nice boy.” 

Fast forward to today, Emraan and Mallika are still not on good terms after their cold war. However, both the actors have been too busy with their own lives that they don't even talk about the cold relationship between them.

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