When Ajay Devgn Talked About Making Compromises, Revealed If He Imposes Restrictions On Wife, Kajol

In an old interview with Pakistani host, Begum Nawazish Ali, Ajay Devgn had talked about his married life with his wife, Kajol and had revealed if he's protective of his better half. Check out!


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When Ajay Devgn Talked About Making Compromises, Revealed If He Imposes Restrictions On Wife, Kajol

Bollywood actors, Ajay Devgn and Kajol are one of the most adorable couples in Tinseltown. They are the perfect exemplar of 'opposites attract'. While Kajol is a cheerful and talkative person, on the other hand, Ajay is an introverted personality. And together, they are the epitome of pure couple goals. Kajol and Ajay had set the silver screen on fire with their romance and sizzling chemistry in the 90s, and they were regarded as one of the best on-screen couples in Bollywood.

Kajol and Ajay Devgn had got married in 1999, and their journey has been quite filmy. They had to go through many ups and downs in their lives, but the two had managed to be each other's pillars of strength. Together, they are blessed with two beautiful kids, Nysa Devgan and Yug Devgan. Even after more than two decades of their marriage, Kajol and Ajay never fail to shell out major couple goals.

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In 2007, Ajay Devgn had appeared on a Pakistani chat show, Late Night With Begum Nawazish Ali and had talked about his relationship with his wife, Kajol. It had so happened that Ajay's film, Omkara had become a hit in Pakistan, so he was invited by the drag queen to have a conversation on her show. In one of the segments, Begum Nawazish Ali had made Ajay uncomfortable with her flirtatious remarks as she had proposed that they have an affair. She had said:

“Nobody has to know what happened and how it happened. Kajol will definitely never find out, darling, I know how to protect people’s privacy. I don’t want to be a home-breaker. Plus, she’s in India, I’m in Pakistan. She’ll be cool with it, no?”

To which, Ajay had smiled and had said, “You’ve to ask her.” Then, the host had started talking about the insecure nature of Indian and Pakistani men towards their women, and she had mentioned that she thinks men do not have faith in their women. When she had asked Ajay if he's also the protective type, the actor had said:

“I don’t think that’s true. It’s not about men, it’s human nature; you want something, you get it. And you want to own it until you have it.”

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In the next segment, the host had mentioned that Ajay's wife, Kajol had stopped appearing in films as often as she used to before she had got married to him. Moreover, she had asked if any restrictions were imposed upon her by him. To which, Ajay had retorted:

“It’s her choice, she’s very selective. She gets excited about a film, she’ll go ahead and do it. It’s her decision. Ji nahi, bilkul nahi, if there were any restrictions from my side, she wouldn’t be doing what she’s doing also.”

Ajay Devgn and Kajol

In the same interview, when Ajay was asked about how he manages his married life with his wife, Kajol, who is also an actress and has an identity of her own, the doting hubby had given a beautiful answer. He had talked about the perceived compromises that married couples often have to make and had shared:

“I don’t think there are any compromises. You have to understand yourself, you have to understand the other person. And you have to be fair to the other person. There aren’t many complications, you create the complications yourself. If you accept things as they are, you’ll be fine.”


Well, Ajay Devgn deserves the 'Best Hubby' award for the way he manages his happy married life with his wife, Kajol. What do you think? Let us know.

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