We Felt Like Giving This Father A Hug When He Made His Daughter And Her Groom Cry


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We Felt Like Giving This Father A Hug When He Made His Daughter And Her Groom Cry

The bond that a father shares with his little girl is just something beyond words! Well, as it is, fathers usually do not express their feelings with words, but it is always there in their eyes. But, here is a father who did find the right words to express his feelings at his daughter’s wedding. And, the way he did it, became the best gift that any bride could ever ask for. [Read: 10 Marriage Lessons That Fathers Must Give To Their Daughters]

father signs a song at daughter's wedding reception

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What's more? He spent an entire year preparing for it! We were certainly not ready for all the tears as we watched this video. But after watching it, we felt like giving this dad a bear hug! So, take a look:

Video Courtesy: Nicole Cortez

It was Nicole Cortez, the bride, who posted this video on YouTube, of her father "signing" the song “I Loved Her First”, by the band Heartland. Well, Cortez is not deaf, but she is a sign language interpreter. That is why, her father chose to not only sing the song, but sign it as well. And, this was the best gift of them all. Her dad especially learned sign language to give this amazing tribute to her on her wedding day.

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Cortez wrote on YouTube, “This meant the world to me. He said it took him the entire year. For an year he was engaged to learn how to sign this song.” And, just how well he did it is clearly visible from the tears that not just his daughter, but even her groom had in their eyes during the performance.

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So, this dad picked out a number that so beautifully captured the emotions any father would be going through on the day his daughter gets married. And, he found a marvellous way to make his daughter’s special day even more memorable and emotional! And, the best part was at the end of it, when he signed, “I’m watching you” to his son-in-law! Well, that one moment made us laugh so hard in between our tears.

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We do not know what to end it with, so let us leave you with some lines from this song, which would tell you just why this dad chose this song for his daughter’s wedding:

She still means the world to me

Just so you know

So be careful when you hold my girl

I loved her first and I held her first

And a place in my heart will always be hers

From the first breath she breathed

When she first smiled at me

I knew the love of a father runs deep

And I prayed that she'd find you someday

But it is still hard to give her away

I loved her first

Someday you might know what I'm going through

When a miracle smiles at you!