Virat Kohli Admits He Never Proposed Wife, Anushka Sharma Formally, His Logic Defines Love Perfectly

Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli revealed in his recent interview that he had never proposed his wife, Anushka Sharma formally because of a particular reason. Find out!


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Virat Kohli Admits He Never Proposed Wife, Anushka Sharma Formally, His Logic Defines Love Perfectly

The luxury of knowing the fact that there is someone, you can always turn to in difficult times is indeed one of the most special feelings and treasures of life. The moment you skip a beat whenever he/she is around is the moment you get to know, that he/she is the person you have been waiting to spend the rest of your life with. But over the generations, the meaning of love has been presented differently by the films, people, and society. But some things are still common and present in the love of every generation, and that is the happiness that it brings in your life. In this generation, we are blessed with the power couple, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, who is teaching us the real and pure meaning of love and marriage. (Recommended Read: Raveena Tandon Recalls Times When She Loved Dressing Up Her Daughter, Rasha, Shares Unseen Pictures)

There are millions of people out there in love with this beautiful couple, and their little efforts and gestures for each other are what makes them the poster couple of this country right now. And recently the doting hubby, Virat Kohli has revealed yet another incredible revelation about his relationship that will bring a big smile on your face.

Anushka and Virat

Recently, the Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli took to his Instagram handle and went live with Indian footballer, Sunil Chetri on Instagram. The two sportsmen talked about a lot of things, but the highlight was Virat Kohli’s revelation that he had never proposed his wife, Anushka Sharma formally. Surprised? Indeed everyone was surprised hearing this from Virat, but his answer taught a great lesson about love to everyone. He said, “Mera yeh maana hai ki agar jab aap life khul ke jeete ho aur pyaar karte ho toh koi special day na toh Valentine's Day kuch hota hai. Every day can be Valentine's Day and special. And what Anushka said is completely true, we never felt like we needed to do that, we knew that we were going to marry each other, there were no doubts about it ever. So once we knew that everything is going smooth, we were super excited to start our life together. And organically things went on.” (Don’t Miss: 'Kaanta Laga' Girl, Shefali Jariwala Reveals The Money She Got And Her Father's Reaction To The Song)

Well, Virat Kohli’s answer tells us about the level of trust, love, and faith that their relationship has right from the beginning. Maybe, this is the reason why we feel peace and some kind of magic while looking at them. The couple is famous for doing things differently right from the start, and it’s hard to forget how Virat and Anushka had kept their wedding a secret. Starting from keeping fake names for the booking, not disclosing the destination even to the guests to keeping tight security around the wedding venue, the couple did everything on-point, and when Virat was asked about it in an interview with Pinkvilla after the wedding, he was quoted as saying, “So the plan was all executed by Anushka because I was in the middle of the series. So, she figured out the location and everything and she mentioned it in pretty categorically that we have to keep it confidential and there was no other way around it.”

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

Going further in the interview, he had also revealed the story behind the location of their wedding. Virat had revealed, “Yeah, but even then, one of the media guys I think reached there but wasn't allowed to enter. It was so confidential he didn't tell us until we landed in Florence. We landed in Florence and asked the driver 'Where are we going?' and he said, 'Am not supposed to tell you'.” But in the end, everyone had enjoyed their secret wedding through the beautiful and adorable pictures. The couple has redefined the meaning of true love and also why flaunting your life isn’t a great decision every time. (Also Read: Birthday Girl Nushrat Bharucha Admits Her Father Cried After Knowing About Her Fight With Depression)

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

Do you find Virat’s decision of not proposing Anushka formally a good one? Let us know!

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