Vidya Balan Slams All Pregnancy Rumours With These Strong Statements


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Vidya Balan Slams All Pregnancy Rumours With These Strong Statements

Ours is a country, which is complete with various cultures, different types of people and numerous relationships. But despite belonging to such varied religious and cultural backgrounds, one thing that we all get equally excited about are babies.

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These little bundles of joy have the power to bring a smile on the most stoic faces and melt the harshest of hearts. They truly are a blessing. But, what we as a society fail to understand is, that though having a baby is joyous at another level, a woman goes through a lot of things to bring that little one into the world.

And therefore, it is only and only her right to decide when she wants to have a kid. Many women have come out and talked about choices and their rights to make decisions.

And now, the very famous actress, Vidya Balan, has done the same and slammed all those who were trying to intrude her private life.

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For a long time now, there have been baseless rumours about Vidya’s pregnancy. She was recently spotted at a clinic, pertaining to which news about her ‘questionable weight gain’ started doing the rounds.

This angered Vidya and she slammed every portal that reported this news with the following statement:

“It was annoying. I could be going to a clinic for an acne too! Why is it that every time a woman, post marriage, visits a doctor, there are whispers of her pregnancy?”

Celebrities live a life of fame and name, but unlike popular belief, not everything about their profession is hunky-dory. In fact, it is these celebrities that have achieved the heights of stardom, who face an intrusion of privacy and space the most. But, Vidya is not one to sit quietly and let people have their way. So, she stood up and spoke up.

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In a recent interview with a leading tabloid, Vidya spoke at length about people talking about her pregnancy, and the everyday instances which show how patriarchal our society really is! 

Here is what she said:

“I don’t think it’s anyone’s business except mine and my husband’s (Siddharth Roy Kapur). It was a serious invasion of our privacy, but our country is such. Neighbours and relatives [constantly] ask us (unnecessary questions). The day I got married, one of my uncles told me at the wedding venue, ‘Next time I see you [her and Siddharth], I should be looking at three people, not two’. This was even before our wedding pictures could be clicked. I politely laughed because we hadn’t even decided on our honeymoon destination then.”

This is just one example, but the instances like these, which we see in daily life, are uncountable.

Vidya also shut up every baseless query about her pregnancy with this one strong statement:

“What is this baby obsession? I am not a baby-making machine. Anyway, the world population is on a rise. If some people don’t have children, it’s fine.”

We couldn’t agree more with Vidya. And hats off to the actress for taking a strong stand against all the pre-conceived notions that our society has about women, marriage and babies.

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It is a woman’s choice to have a baby or not, and it is her decision to make about when she wants the child. Unlike popular notion, becoming a mother does not complete a woman. It is just one aspect of her life, and she can decide whether she wants to enjoy it or not.

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