Urvashi Dholakia Reveals She Had Faced Massive Depression When Her Kids Went To The Boarding School

Television actress, Urvashi Dholakia bared her heart out on being a single mother and how she wasn't able to see her kids' growing up years post sending them to boarding school. Check it out!


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Urvashi Dholakia Reveals She Had Faced Massive Depression When Her Kids Went To The Boarding School

In the '90s, when being a single mother was a taboo and people would be passing judgement without knowing the whole story, in those times, television actress, Urvashi Dholakia happily embraced the tag of being a single mother. The actress made sure that her work speaks for her and not her personal journey or torments. She kept her calm and became one of the most renowned faces of television. She is an epitome of a strong woman, who led her life with dignity, no matter what the world thought of her. However, not many know that the actress has been acing her role as a single mommy of twin sons from the age of seventeen. (Recommend Read: Katrina Kaif Shares A Unique Birthday Wish For Rumoured Beau, Vicky Kaushal Filled With 'Josh')

Urvashi, who got famous for her iconic antagonist role of 'Komolika' in  Ekta Kapoor's hit show, Kasautii Zindagi Kay, is actually a protagonist in real life. The actress had gotten married at the young age of sixteen and had embraced motherhood when she was just seventeen. But destiny had something else planned and after she had gotten blessed with her twin boys, Kshitij and Sagar, she had parted ways from her ex-husband, whose details aren’t mentioned anywhere. 


Recently, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Urvashi opened up on their growing up years and how she wasn't able to enjoy that time as she hardly saw them. The actress shared, " Unfortunately, that is something that did come to my mind that I had barely been able to give them any time, and because of that, I had to send them to the boarding school. I had no other choice. I was never happy with the decision of sending them away. It put me under a massive depression but on the other hand, I had to do it for their future." (Also Read: Kartik Aaryan's Mother Tricked Him To Say Goodbye To His Bearded Look, Video Inside)

She further added how she made a conscious decision of not working so that she can spend time with them. She shared, "My mother told me that you rather have given them a disciplined life by keeping them away than keeping them hear and not being there for them. So, yeah. I did not see them grow but I am happy that I gave them time when they were back. I had to restart my work after a point and then I did Bigg Boss and that was the only time I was away from them. Then, I took a conscious decision of not wanting to work because I decided I have to see them grow because I couldn't see them grow during their childhood." 

Urvashi Dholakia, Sagar Dholakia and Kshitij Dholakia

Urvashi shared how she made her kids understand the situation and said, "It took a lot of time. They were 8 when I put them in the boarding school. Amongst other kids, there were a lot of questions in their minds, and there was no doubt that I did not have the answer to all the questions but slowly and gradually, we started taking it a level up. When they grow, I was also growing up. Till today, they have questions about so many things, but there is no guideline on how to be a perfect mother. I think we should just go each day with them."

Urvashi Dholakia

Urvashi also revealed how it was being a single mother 25 years back, "The picture was very different 24-25 years ago. The societal pressure, the taboo of being a single mother was obviously there but it did not bother me. Of course, within the family too, people were a bit reluctant and hesitant about it. Today, it has become a fad. Everything in my life happened very early."

Urvashi Dholakia, Sagar Dholakia and Kshitij Dholakia

Urvashi had once opened up on living a life as a single mother in an interview with the Hindustan Times. She had stated, "Being a single mother was difficult. People tell me how I don’t look like a mother and how I haven’t aged. It’s amusing. Why will I age? I am 37. Many harp over the fact that I had my sons when I was 17. But what is the big deal? I take these comments in a positive way. I am proud of my journey, which has been a long one." (Don't Miss: Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Daughter, Ziva Singh Dhoni Learns To Ride Bike, Video Inside)

Well, Urvashi is definitely an inspiration for all the women! 

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