Tricks To Seduce Your Partner After A Hectic Day

Tricks To Seduce Your Partner After A Hectic Day

Every couple wants to steal away some private and intimate moments that can boost up their relationship. A healthy sex life is one of the key factors that adds spark, and develops intimacy between you and your partner. However, due to immense work pressure, your partner might be completely exhausted physically and mentally by the time he/she returns home. As a result, you might be forced to subdue your sexual desires. Well, if you find yourself in the same shoes, there is nothing to worry.

Here are some sweet and pampering tricks that you can use to get your partner in the right mood, and make your life more pleasurable:

#1. Romantic Shower

After a hectic day at work, first thing your partner would like to do after he/she gets home is take a nice and relaxing shower. Use this to your advantage. Turn on the heat by joining your sweetheart in the shower. You can also increase the ‘romantic quotient’ by enhancing the setting with candles, sweet scent soaps, and gels.

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#2. Body Massage

Nothing works better than a light body massage. It not only relaxes the muscles, but also washes away the mental stress, and gradually helps to uplift the mood. Feet are usually under a lot of pressure the whole day, and a good foot massage will rejuvenate the entire body. Whip out a few exciting tricks by complimenting the massage with chocolate sauce, aromatic oils, and you will be able to witness remarkable change in the mood of your partner.

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#3. Perfect Ambience

Ambience plays a crucial role in setting the right mood. A messed up room spoils your sexual desire, even if you are in the best of your moods. Clean up the house and decorate it aptly. Candles help to create a sensuous atmosphere, and flowers add freshness. A light fragrance is sure to enhance your partner’s mood instantly. Do not use bright lights; instead, keep the lights dim to create a romantic atmosphere.

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#4. Look Enticing

This one is especially for the ladies. Every man wants his woman to look stunning. So, before your partner returns home, work on your overall appearance. Groom yourself through manicure and pedicure sessions. Style your hair, and use subtle tones to highlight your face. Do not go for dark makeup shades as it looks over-dramatic. A sexy outfit completes the look, and hints your partner about your mood. However, try to avoid skimpy clothes as they make things look more obvious. Do not forget to use a nice subtle perfume.

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#5. Nothing beats a Hug!

Everyone is fond of extra care and affection. Tell your partner about your eagerness to meet him/her. Prepare a soothing home-cooked meal, and create a romantic playlist. Welcome your beloved home with a hug, and share a deep kiss to drive out their stress. But most importantly, do not jump on your partner. Give him/her some time to come to the right spirit, and slowly let your actions do the talking.

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Now you know the tricks to sweep your partner off their feet even after a tiring day. So, try any of these to keep the fire alive between you and your partner. These tips combined with an element of surprise from your side, will add freshness in your married life. 

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