Top 7 Beauty Tips That Make Your Hair Younger And Healthier


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Top 7 Beauty Tips That Make Your Hair Younger And Healthier

It is human tendency to want to look younger, to hold back time, isn't it? With time, our hair go through a lot of changes which result in split ends, weak hair, dryness, dullness, and greyness. These alterations may take place because of hormonal changes in our body, regular styling as well as damages caused by external environment. Thus, we bring you some useful guidelines that lead you straight towards younger, shinier and brighter looking hair that totally overlook the age factor.

#1. An anti-ageing hair regimen

easy beauty tips to get younger looking hair hair products

With age, hair strands become thin, flat, frizzy and brittle, which makes your face look dull. But with the advanced range of products available in the market these days, it is now possible to keep your hair protected from all these signs of ageing. In fact, a lot of companies offer deep conditioners, hair renewal therapies and spa treatments. These products must be chosen considering the ingredients, brand and the results that you seek. For best results, try products containing caffeine, panthenol and niacinamide.

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#2. Choosing the right haircut

easy beauty tips to get younger looking hair hair cut

Identify your face shape, and choose a haircut that defines your personality. The preconception that you need to cut your hair short after reaching a certain age is not true at all. Your hair should be styled according to your face and body type. A great cut can take away many years from your face. For example, a pixie cut may not complement someone with a straight jaw or a bouncy bob may not suit someone with a broad face.

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#3. Gentle colour for hair

easy beauty tips to get younger looking hair gray hair color

Do not colour your hair just to hide those little grey patches. First, judge as to where the strands are more prominent and then get some highlights in that area, preferably brown, light brown or blonde. Make sure these are in subtle and muted tones, which will make the greys hard to pinpoint. You may get it done professionally from a salon or you can also get a colour kit and try doing it at home.

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#4. Avoid excessive blow drying

easy beauty tips to get younger looking hair blow dryer

 It is advised by the specialists repetitively to not blow dry your hair on a daily basis. You could opt for low heat radiating blow dryers or use heat protective spray on your hair before styling them.

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#5. Follow a healthy diet plan

easy beauty tips to get younger looking hair diet

Surface ornamentation of your hair is only temporary, nourishment has to be taken care of from within to make them look youthful. Nutrients found in fruits and vegetables should be consumed on a regular basis. Dark green vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean meats and nuts will generate vitamin A and C along with iron, proteins and calcium which are good for the health of your hair as well as body. If the body is enriched with these nutrients, it will definitely keep your hair healthy.

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#6. Protection from sun damage

easy beauty tips to get younger looking hair sun protection

Please do not take inspiration from advertisements of hair products, and leave your hair bare and uncared for in the sun. The harmful UV rays have such harsh effects on the surface of your hair that eventually they turn brown, dull, rough and faded. You need to shield your hair to protect them against the harsh effects of the UV rays of the sun. It helps preserve the moisture in your hair and minimise its exposure to the rays.  Various styling creams and gels are available in the market  these days which trap the moisture of the scalp within and absorbs the harmful rays, keeping your hair smooth all day long.

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#7. Be gentle with hair when wet

easy beauty tips to get younger looking hair wet hair gentle

Your hair is most brittle when it is wet. Never try to untangle your hair right after a head wash. Instead, try combing them with a wide tooth comb gently while you still have conditioner in your hair. Conditioning is very important for hair care as most shampoos contain chemicals which cause them to become dry quite soon. Go for shampoos and conditioners that protect the colour of your hair.

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We hope you follow these tips and start pampering your hair. After all, they are the accessory you wear every day!