Top 5 Tips To Plan A Successful Inter-Religious Wedding Ceremony


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Top 5 Tips To Plan A Successful Inter-Religious Wedding Ceremony

With time, the concept of interfaith marriages has become more popular and acceptable in our society. What’s more? Even the parents are quite open about this concept nowadays. But, the problem in an inter-religious wedding does not end here. Both the families have expectations on how the ceremony should take place. And, most of the times, they want it to be done as per their customs and traditions. Hence, special care and attention is needed to arrange for a ceremony, which takes care of feelings of both the sides.

Well, if you are also one such couple looking for ways to successfully conduct an inter-religious wedding ceremony, then these wonderful tips are all that you need to make it the most beautiful experience of your life. Take a look! 

#1. Be sensible and sensitive

First and foremost, you should understand that each religion has its own rituals and customs, and they are important for the person following them. So, respect your partner’s beliefs and you will automatically get the same in return for yours. What’s more? Giving room to each other’s traditions in your wedding ceremony can help you conduct a beautiful 'fusion wedding' ceremony. And, this will save you time as well as money.

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#2. Pre-decide the marriage rituals

It is important to discuss in advance about how the marriage ceremony would be conducted. Remember, the decision that you take must have consensus from both the sides. And sometimes, it is beneficial to take the middle path. You can even take inspiration from some of the beautiful couples from Bollywood. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor decided to have a registered marriage instead of a nikaah or a traditional Punjabi wedding. Similarly, Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu also had a registered marriage, instead of having any ceremony as per their respective customs.

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#3. Call it a truce

In some cases, both the families might want the marriage to be conducted as per all the rituals of their respective religion. Well, if your families also demand the same, then here is a peaceful way. You can conduct the wedding twice, thereby respecting both the faiths. Even our cute couple from Bollywood, Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza, did the same. Riteish, who is a Maharashtrian Hindu, and Genelia, a Catholic, decided to get married in the traditional Maharashtrian as well as Catholic style. It is truly a great way to respect the sentiments of both the families involved.

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#4. Learn the traditions

As soon as the wedding is planned, start learning about each other’s religious customs. Rather than simply following the instructions, it will be even better if you understand the significance of each and every custom in your wedding. Not only will it make you more participative in the wedding, but will also bring you and your partner even closer.  

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#5. Understand the needs of the guests

The guests coming for the wedding may or may not be aware of the traditions of the other religion. So, it is the responsibility of both the families to make them comfortable in the wedding ceremony. Also, as food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding ceremony, it better to include the traditional dishes of both the sides in your menu. And, it will be even better if you would inform your guests beforehand about the different rituals that they would get to witness in your wedding ceremony.

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Love knows no religion, language, caste or tradition. So, do not let the love between you and your partner be affected by any of these things. Just keep these tips in mind, and make your wedding the most beautiful memory of your life.