Tips To Enhance The Romance On First Night Of Wedding

Tips To Enhance The Romance On First Night Of Wedding

If you are about to get married, first night is definitely on your mind, even if it is not your first time.

Nervous yet tempted? Passionate yet hesitant? Too many questions too little answers?! Lot of mixed feelings keeps your mind and heart occupied. The romance and love that you share with your partner on your first night together is very special. An idealistic first night helps the bond better than anything else and is the base of your “happy moments castle” in years to come. Read on below for a few tips that can make your first night memorable.

Do not be in a hurry

Nervous anticipation of being with your wedded partner after days and hours of wedding rituals can drive a person into making hasty moves, which can ruin the fun of the first night. One of the best things that you can do is relax yourself and welcome your partner into your life with a lot of love. Take some time and do not rush the bride. You can meanwhile enjoy watching her blush.

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Stick to the traditions

You are probably not the traditional type. But for your wedding, make an effort and stick to traditions. This is especially true for the brides who desperately wait to change into their nightgowns from their traditional sarees. Do not do so. Unknown to you, a man finds nothing more sensuous and seductive than his bride dressed in a saree and the whole traditional ensemble. Give him the pleasure of lifting your veil. There is something very sensuous about it.

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Memorable gifts

It is usually a tradition for the groom to gift something to his bride on the first night. So, capitalise on it and give her something very special. Think about a locket with both of your pictures in it. The gift does not have to be very expensive. Just make it unique. The bride can surprise her groom by gifting him something as well. A greeting card with some well chosen words of love and promise can be beautiful on the first night.

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Say something romantic

Plan out something very nice to say to your bride or groom. If you can sing, sing for her as an expression of your feelings. If you cannot, it does not matter because words spoken with love and feeling in any form have the same profound effect. Promise to take care of her and to be with her in every walk of life, every moment and every crossroad. She will fall doubly in love with you. As for the bride, the best thing is not to talk too much. Weddings naturally make brides shy and mushy. Do not try to undo the natural feeling. Enjoy being pampered by your groom and let him lead the way.

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Feel the moment!

All the hype created around first nights can make the newlywed couple nervous. Remember that you are going to have lots of memorable nights together and this is just the beginning. So, do not try to “put on” a stupendous performance because you might end up goofing up the whole thing. Relax in each other’s company. Hugs and kisses can set the perfect mood. The rest follows as a natural progression. Do not experiment on your first night and ruin the fun. Just give in to the moment and let your feelings and the natural sensations lead the way.

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