12 Things You Need To Stop Saying Repeatedly If You Are Single


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12 Things You Need To Stop Saying Repeatedly If You Are Single

It is true that when you are single, you are more relaxed, free and able to do whatever your heart desires without having to take anyone else’s opinions into consideration. You are single, with a cool place to live that you do not necessarily have to keep clean, you can get up whenever you want, watch TV all day long if you want, and whatnot! (READ: 9 Truly Hilarious Ways To Avoid Matchmakers At A Wedding). But, there is a good side to being in a relationship as well. Have you heard other single people or caught yourself criticising relationships, and all the time going on about how un-cool it is to be in one? Well, if yes, here are the 12 things you need to stop repeating pronto!

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#1. How much your committed friends bore you

If they bore you that much, isn’t it better to leave their company? Why do you still hang out with them all the time? Because they are actually interesting like hell, but you don’t want to acknowledge it.

#2. That you are better off without men/women

Having that kind of an attitude will only lead you to be alone all your life with 10 or 12 cats maybe.

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#3. That all men/women suck

Umm…maybe grow up!

#4. That you are considering being single for the rest of your life

Well, good for you buddy if you seriously want to remain single. But seriously, do not put the blame of your inability to find a decent match for yourself on how uncool relationships are.

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#5. How important your work is and how you have no time for love

The entire world works, maybe even more than you do, and still is able to make time for their partners, spouses, children, family and friends. So, unless you are the master of the universe, we fail to understand how your work keeps you so busy 24X7!

#6. No matter what you do, you always attract the weirdos

Ever considered reflecting over your own habits, or why always attract the wrong kind of people? Changing yourself a little is way better than blaming others for being single, don’t you think?

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#7. Because you never want to ignore your friends and that is exactly what people in relationships do!

NOT! They are fully capable of hanging out with their group of friends both as a couple and also alone. If you are incapable of striking that balance, then it is you, who is at fault.

#8. Advising your friends who are ready to commit to step back and think again

Why? If it did not work out for you for whatever reasons, why ruin someone else’s picture perfect idea of romance? Now that is just so uncool!

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#9. How Valentine’s Day is the lamest day of the year

It is the day all lovers feel special and make sure that they pamper their partner to the core. Even though it is a commercial holiday, this day is when all couples make time for each other and romance is in the air everywhere.

#10. A bad last experience means that all relationships end soon

Why do that to yourself? Maybe God had something better in store for you! Give yourself a second chance without having any expectations, and who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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#11. The self-pity drama

No one likes me, it must be my face, why do people do that to me, etc. All this just goes on to show how insecure you are! Stop. It. Now!

#12. There is nothing like true love or soulmates

If you still cannot or do not want to look for it, at least do not disrespect the concept of true love. It is real, it exists and it is surreal. Also, people who have found their soulmates are lucky as hell and if you open up a bit, you might get lucky someday as well!

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So all you single people out there, if you are not stepping into a relationship because you are not ready yet, or still want some time to settle in your job, or whatever else, don’t spend your energy by hating on couples.

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