Things Women Never Notice On A Date

Things Women Never Notice On A Date

You have asked out the girl you have been trying to woo for long for a date and she has accepted. Well time to rejoice that you will be going out with her for the first time. But at the same time you have to be careful that your first time does not end up being your last time around with her.

Careful planning and what not do when you are out on a date should be mugged up completely. You should also take care of not being the person who appears unattractive to a woman. Remember a woman always loves either spontaneity or meticulous planning and either ways she is going to read you like a book and make sure she knows you by heart by the end of the date.

Tense are you? Well relax, there are some things don’t women don’t notice on a date and knowing this would help you relax.

What you really are?
You have a real person that remains hidden and women fail to notice this on a date. Your outward appearances, the sophistication that you portray (not necessarily a part of the real you), the chivalry and the etiquettes are all that catches their attention. Remember women love being wooed and love being treated like a princess. When you do that what you really are hardly matters to them. So while planning a date you can conveniently avoid planning showing the real you.

Appearances go unnoticed
You might have killer looks that girls can die for but they are a waste as far as your date is concerned. Looks are things that women fail notice on a date. They are more bothered about the persona you carry with you. So instead of working on your looks and making it better thinking you can impress her why don’t you work on making a good first impression with your personality which catches better attention.

Your exterior not exciting
She may be awed by your body but beyond that she won’t notice you. What you are wearing inside are things women don’t notice on a date. How about being less worried about it and concentrating on something that would attract her to you.

You are not an interesting book to her
She will be listening to you but she won’t be reading you as your thoughts are of no interest to her. So don’t sit about and try controlling your thoughts and thus spoiling your first date. Well you can think whatever you wish to and just keep talking. Just remember not to talk what you are thinking that will cause issues to increase.

It’s easy to invoke a girl’s senses and make her feel good about you. Just be lively, witty and relaxed. Women tend to love witty men who can make them laugh and give them a good time. Remember to take care of these points while planning your date. So good luck hope your first date becomes a beautiful and memorable date. 

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