6 Things You Should Definitely Do This Winter For Healthy And Gorgeous Hair


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6 Things You Should Definitely Do This Winter For Healthy And Gorgeous Hair

A wedding in winters is always more cherished as it gives an opportunity to a would-be- bride to adorn herself in her own way. She does not have to worry about the heat and sweat, be it in the choice of clothes, footwear, makeup, or anything else. But there are certain aspects that become a cause of worry for brides during this weather. For example, hair, which may appear to be dry, brittle and unmanageable, with just a few days left before the big day! But, shed your worries. 

Here is what you should add to your hair care regime prior to your wedding. So, get ready to discover the secrets to silky, shiny and healthy tresses.

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#1. Avoid hot water

While the idea of having a hot shower in chilling winds may be your favourite, washing hair with such water is not recommended. Our scalp tends to appear dry during winters and washing your hair with hot water can make it turn even drier. Exposure of your hair with hot water can take away the natural moisture from them while making them appear dull and lifeless. Therefore, use lukewarm water for washing your hair in winter to keep the optimum hydration level on your scalp as well as hair, maintained. 

#2. Indulge into extra-conditioning

Shampooing your hair in winters also takes away natural oil from your hair; so make sure that you continue the hair washing process with extra-conditioning. Use a rich creamy conditioner after every hair wash. Moreover, you can certainly try using leave-in hair conditioners or keratin serums. These are very effective in sealing the moisture content in your hair strands; and hence, are considered the best for winters. And remember, well-hydrated and soft tresses make way for a superb and hassle-free hairstyle on your wedding day.

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#3. Essential oils and ‘good-old’ massage

All would-be brides dream of possessing long, strong, shiny hair for their D-day. For this, a champi (a thorough oil head massage) can be of great help to your hair. Tea tree essential oil works wonder for nourishing your dry scalp. Also, massaging the scalp with essentials oils, like lavender oil, lemon-grass oil, Moroccan oil, etc., on every alternate day, helps a lot to overcome this problem. You can also combine this essential oil treatment with your regular hot oil treatment (coconut oil, or mustard oil) to achieve better results.

#4. Gobble your nutrients

Tresses are made up of keratin- a hard protein. Therefore, it becomes important to have a wholesome diet containing necessary nutrients. You should indulge in a diet rich in proteins, biotin, vitamin-D, omega-3-6 for boosting the keratin formation. This diet will nourish your hair and boost the hair-growth.

So, this winter, aim for smoother and shiner hair, by consuming protein and nutrient-rich foods such as; fish, eggs, beans, broccoli, milk and milk products, red meat and more, and be ready for healthy hair from deep-within.

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#5. Must-try home remedy for shiny and long hair

To add some more nourishment to your hair, try this ultra-nourishing home remedy.

Homemade receipe: Prepare a very smooth paste by adding ripe banana, avocado pulp, honey, neem leaves and olive oil.  Apply this mixture on your scalp and hair for 30-45 minutes and wash-off to get smoother tresses.

Results: Banana and honey are natural moisturisers, and therefore will hydrate your hair well. The vitamin-A of avocado will nourish your hair while preventing hair-fall and boosting their growth. Whereas, the neem leaves will purify your scalp, taking infections away. Moreover, if you are a victim of dandruff, you may add onion juice in this pack to get rid of it.  A regular application of this pack every alternate day until your wedding, is sure to give softer and strengthened hair.

#6. Other hair nourishing treatments

Beautiful hair can surely enhance a bride’s beauty by several notches. To turn your hair silkier, shinier and softer, a bride should foremost choose her hair products well. For infusing a new life to dull, damaged hair, you may opt for several revitalising hair treatments. Intense Hair Treatment, Keratin Smoothening Treatment, Hair Spas, Deep Nourishing Treatment, etc. can be opted for to discover glistening hair for the most important day of your life.

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For a beauty regime to work properly, you need to give it proper time and attention. Be disciplined in your diet and skin-care routine. Homemade remedies with above hair care tips will work wonders to your hair. So, this winter, get out of that quilt and give your hair the much-needed care!

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