Tanya Madhvani Talks About Mom, Mumtaz's Stardom, Pregnancy Difficulties, And Life After Marriage

Legendary actress, Mumtaz's daughter, Tanya Madhvani revealed the most significant advice that her parents gave to her during her upbringing. Find out!


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Tanya Madhvani Talks About Mom, Mumtaz's Stardom, Pregnancy Difficulties, And Life After Marriage

One of the finest and gorgeous actresses of her generation, Mumtaz's daughter, Tanya Madhvani talked about her childhood, growing up under the shed of such glamourous parents, and her experience of two young boys so far. Tanya Madhvani, who is a famous fashionista and takes care of her father, Mayur Madhvani's extensive business across the globe, is enjoying one of the best phases of her life. (Recommended Read: Dimpy Ganguly Shares A Toothless Picture Of Son, Aryaan, Mommy-Son Hold A Striking Resemblance)

Tanya Madhvani had tied the knot with her fiancee, Marco Cilia on September 30, 2015. The wedding was a lavish one but a private affair in London and was done according to both Hindu and Christian rituals. As for now, the couple is enjoying their life with their two kids, Leonidas and Kylian. Scroll down to read her latest interview!

In an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, legendary Bollywood actress, Mumtaz's daughter, Tanya Madhvani talked about the difficulties she had faced during her two pregnancies and how weight gain had upset her back in that time. She revealed, "Both my pregnancies were difficult as I had gained weight. I had a C section delivery, so, I had to wait for six weeks to hit the gym. But when I got to the treadmill, I could not run for even 10 minutes, I was upset. But now I work out six days a week." (Don't Miss: Tamannaah Bhatia Reveals Her Parents Tests Positive For COVID-19, Requests Fans To Pray For Them)

Tanya also talked about her life, and the teachings that her parents had given her during her upbringing. Also, she revealed the impact of her parents' massive stardom on her childhood. Tanya said, "I have always known that my mother is the famous Mumtaz, but for me, she is always my Mom. When you walk down the street with her, it is normal to have people coming up to tell her how much they love her." Talking about her father, Mayur Madhvani, she said, "My dad was busy travelling around the world. I did not see much of him when I was young, so it was a different kind of a relationship, as he was so busy. But now it has changed, and he is much more present."

Going further in the interview, Tanya revealed that she identifies herself as a mini version of her dad. Explaining the same, she said, "I trained with him since I left university. He influenced all the decision I take. He has also told me that in business, one should never get emotional. Sometimes it is good to listen to others, and then make your point." When asked how much her mom influences her? Tanya stated, "My mother tells me it is hard work that makes you successful. Sometimes, when I'm facing challenges, she tells me that the journey upward is difficult and takes a lot of persistence and time. But coming down can happen in two minutes."

In the same interview, Tanya also talked about her husband, Marco Cilia and how both of them work independently without interfering into each other's business decisions. She said, "I don't want to be involved in his business, and neither does he want to be involved in mine, though we discuss things with each other and I love getting ideas from him." Tanya also credited her husband for taking care of their two young boys. She stated, "I travel a lot and am lucky to have two great nannies who run around my boys. My husband is also there for them always." (Also Read: Angad Bedi Shares A Lovely Birthday Wish For His 'Mrs' Neha Dhupia, Calls Her His Pillar Of Strength)

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