Tanishaa Mukerji Reacts To Comparison With Kajol, Says, 'But She Started When She Was 16..'

Tanishaa Mukerji had enough of being constantly compared to her sister, Kajol. The actress shared her point of view and how her sister started her career at the age of 16.


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Tanishaa Mukerji Reacts To Comparison With Kajol, Says, 'But She Started When She Was 16..'

Tanishaa Mukerji is the daughter of the legendary actress, Tanuja and the late Indian director, Shomu Mukherjee. Not only this, her sister, Kajol, made a huge name for herself in the Hindi cinema with her simplicity and breakthrough roles on the silver screen. However, Tanishaa wasn't able to crash the Bollywood game and be as popular as her other family members. Sadly, she often received constant comparisons with her sister, Kajol.

Tanishaa Mukerji breaks her silence on being compared to Kajol

Recently, in an interview with Indianexpress.com, Tanishaa talked about facing constant comparison with her sister, Kajol. She stated that the comparison doesn't bother her, and it never comes between them. Tanishaa added that her career wasn't as good as her sister, but Kajol started when she was 16 years old. Tanishaa stated that she constantly thanks Kajol as it makes her career a lot more comfortable. She was quoted as saying: 

"These things don’t bother me. I can’t look at my sister and me and compare. I don’t even compare myself to other actors, why will I compare myself to my sister? Every actor and star has their own journey, that’s what I believe. And yes, my career was not as good as my sister, but she started when she was 16. I got so much privilege because she was in the industry. I thank her career for giving me whatever I needed. At the end of the day, I had a very comfortable career. I didn’t have to work. So from that aspect, I never compare. I think the world loves to keep comparing, I don’t live in that space."

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Tanishaa revealed Kajol is stricter than her mother, Tanuja

During the same interview, Tanishaa revealed that her sister, Kajol, who took her responsibilities much earlier in her life, is a lot stricter than their mother, Tanuja. The actress said:

"My mother and I are like friends and my sister is like my mother. She is like all our mothers. She is the strict one, full mummy."

When Tanishaa Mukerji talked about her sister's reaction to her revelation of not being a star like her family

In an earlier interaction with IndianExpress.com, Tanishaa revealed how her sister, Kajol, reacted to her comment about 'not being a star'. Tanishaa revealed that they share a strong relationship, and her sister, Kajol, understands her and the intention behind the comment. She revealed that Kajol is proud of her for being honest. Tanishaa was quoted as saying:

"We share a very strong relationship, there is a sense of… See, Kajol understands the intention behind everything I say, and I am sure she is proud of me for being honest and real. That’s what we have been taught by our mother to be who we are, always."

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