Taapsee Pannu Remarks On Not Falling In Love With Mathias Boe At First Sight, 'I Took Time To Test'

Taapsee Pannu revealed unheard details about her love story with hubby, Mathias Boe and reveals that their's wasn't a case of love at first sight.


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Taapsee Pannu Remarks On Not Falling In Love With Mathias Boe At First Sight, 'I Took Time To Test'

Taapsee Pannu caused a stir on the internet earlier this year, when she chose to get married with her longtime beau and former badminton player, Mathias Boe in a completely hushed-up ceremony. The diva chose privacy over going gaga and celebrated her union in the presence of her loved ones. While the couple is yet to share any picture from their wedding, Taapsee recently spoke about many unheard anecdotes from her love story with Mathias.

Taapsee Pannu shares how she took her own time to test Mathias Boe

In a recent interaction with Cosmopolitan India, Taapsee Pannu revealed what drew her more towards her hubby, Mathias Boe. The diva explained that she wasn’t quick to chose him on the first go, and instead ended up testing him quite a few times before being sanguine over her decision. Adding how she went for practicality over the whims of love at first sight, Taapsee said:

“There was a lot of testing and a lot of me being sure. It was not like a love-at-first-sight situation, for me at least, I took time to test if it’s really practical...the feasibility of the relationship was important for me. I was obviously fond of him and respected him, and we kept meeting, and I grew to love him. So falling in love didn’t happen in a month or instantly."

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Taapsee claims she felt a sense of security and maturity in Mathias unlike in her other relationships

Moving forth in the conversation, Taapsee remarked that unlike her other relationships earlier, it was only with Mathias that she felt a sense of security and maturity. She added how meeting him meant that she finally met a man in its truest sense. Taapsee further wittily commented how Mathias’ identity as an athlete had already made her half-impressed with him. In her words:

“I think the fact that he is an athlete and someone who had won at the Olympics for a start… half the job was done there. I have always been very impressed and in awe of athletes who play for their country and play under extreme pressure without getting affected… when I met him I felt like I met a man. I had dated so many boys before him, and suddenly, I met a guy who didn’t feel like anyone I’d been with before. So there’s this sudden sense of security and maturity, which was so evident that I felt like ‘okay, you’ve finally found the man’.”


Taapsee Pannu talks about cultural differences with husband, Mathias Boe

In the concluding segment of the interview, Taapsee Pannu talked about the mammoth cultural differences between her and her husband, Mathias Boe. For the unversed, the latter is a Scandinavian through his descent, but has nonetheless gelled well with the Indian culture. Taapsee talked about the parallels between Indian and Scandinavian culture and shared:

“How close-knit you’re as a family is something that’s similar between Scandinavians and us, I feel. And what is different culturally is how amazingly independent kids are over there. I have so many nieces and nephews and I see how wholesome and complete their personalities are. I can see them being confident at such a young age. They become independent early on and in life that sense of responsibility is so nicely transferred without feeling the pressure to perform, which is very different.”

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When Taapsee revealed that her wedding ensembles were designed by her friend and no fancy designer

Previously, during a conversation with HT City, Taapsee Pannu talked about her wedding ensemble and revealed that it wasn’t made by any fancy designer. She explained how she wanted to prioritise comfort over everything on her special day and remarked that it was her college friend, Mani Bhatia, who stepped in and custom made her wedding ensemble to her needs.


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