Sumeet Vyas Asks Ekta Kaul If She Is Enjoying Spending Time With Him, The Actress Gave A Funny Reply

It is not easy to be in quarantine and at times it takes a toll on you, especially for the married couples. Check out Ekta Kaul's reply when Sumeet Vyas asked her if she is enjoying her time with him!


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Sumeet Vyas Asks Ekta Kaul If She Is Enjoying Spending Time With Him, The Actress Gave A Funny Reply

The year 2020 is a reality-checker for the entire world! It has shown us that one careless decision of a person can lead to the entire community's suffering as a highly contagious virus is on a loose. The COVID-19 outbreak in the world has taken a toll on the mental health of the beings as economies are suffering and people are losing their lives because of the virus. However, the only positive part of the quarantine is that we have realised the importance of family and relationships. But it is the couples, who are having the fun of their life, as they are forced to share the same room even after a big nok-jhok. Recently, Sumeet Vyas asked his wife, Ekta Kaul whether she is enjoying spending time with him and she had a hilarious reply. (Recommend Read: Amitabh Bachchan's Savage Reply To A Netizen Asking About Daughter-In-Law, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)

Before, we take you further into the story, let us take a look at Sumeet and Ekta's love story. The couple had tied the knot on September 15, 2018. In a media interaction, Sumeet had shared the moment when he had decided that he will marry Ekta one day. The actor had shared how he had gotten drunk in a Holi party and was not able to drive back home. And seeing that, Ekta had taken his bike's key and drove him home. Well, their adorable love tale is an inspiration for all of us looking for the right partner!

On April 14, 2020, Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has announced that the lockdown period has been increased till May 3, 2020. We know that it is a necessary measure to break the chain of COVID-19, but it seems like married couples are not happy with it. Sumeet took to his Instagram handle and shared a cute video, wherein, he can be seen asking his wife, Ekta whether she is enjoying spending this much time with him. And it was Ekta's funny reply that depicts the story of every couple. Check it out below: 

On April 5, 2020, Ekta had shared the happy news of entering a mommy phase with her darling hubby, Sumeet. The actress had taken to her Instagram handle and had posted a mushy picture with her hubby. Along with it, she had written, "Proudly announcing our new project together. Introducing Jr. KaulVyas (soon) Created, Directed and Produced by US.... @sumeetvyas and I". (Also Read: Sameera Reddy Revealed What Is Keeping Her Busy During Lockdown In Her Latest 'Messy Mama' Post)

Coming back to their love story, in an interview with Humans of Bombay, Sumeet had beautifully narrated his love story. He had shared, "I’d been single for sometime -- you know that phase where all your friends are like, ‘you’re single, doing well, don’t get into a relationship’? –well I tried, but I was over it pretty quickly. Around then, I met her... at shows and on TV sets, but frankly, I didn’t know how to pursue her! Then, she tweeted about my show and we started talking -- I invited her to my play and we went out after! We ended up talking for hours about acting. By the third time we met, I had a feeling she wasn’t getting it! So I felt the need to specify, ‘This is a date okay? I hope you know’ and she just nodded! She’s not from the acting community –she was discovered by chance, so for me it was like a breath of fresh air! I’ve been surrounded by serious artists all my life... this was so different! Even our choices didn’t match! The first movie we watched together was La la land- I came out of the theatre emotional and she was like eh! I thought oh no- how’s this going to work?" 

He had further added, "So when we first started dating, I was at sea. How do I impress her? I tried telling her that I’m kind of famous as this character, Mikesh..She was least bothered! People used to approach me for photographs, and she’d wonder why! The next time we met, she said she watched my entire show! I asked her how -- that was hours of content. She said she watched it while working or getting ready. I was grabbing my hair by the roots thinking why it’s not affecting her! But that’s also how I knew she was with me for the right reasons!" (Don't Miss: Paras Chhabra's Ex, Akanksha Puri Is Crushing On This Mystery Man, Wants To Go On A Date With Him)

Well, we love Sumeet and Ekta's funny video! What about you?

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