Suhagrat Customs- A Night To Remember

Suhagrat Customs- A Night To Remember

Marriage is an important phase of human life and suhagrat or the first night is the night one can never forget. It is a night that many people all over the world wait for. The reason why people wait for suhagrat is not because of they are going to make love for the first time but it a night full of fun and frolic. A night which has certain traditions and customs, which has the involvement of family and friends! It is a night that they are teased about the whole of their lives. Let us see a few of the customs that every religious sect has!

Customs before Suhagrat in the Muslim religion

In the Muslim custom after the wedding is over and guest are gone, the friends and families of the couple have dinner together. After dinner the girl is bid good bye to her in-laws place. Now comes the fun part, the guy carries the bride to the vehicle. After they reach home, the groom is not let in the room till he fulfills the wishes of his sisters. He either has to do what they say or give them a gift. After he is let in, he needs to pay the mehr set by the girl’s father. It is important that he does so, if he is unable to pay that amount, he needs to ask the girl to exempt him from that prior to making love. I know it is shocking but this is true. There are certain facts which many don’t know. Many people think the mehr amount is given only when the girl is divorce but that is not the case. Besides, this the night is full of fun and frolic as the groom is teased a lot and friends and family don’t let him meet his bride till an old lady comes shouting at them, “Let him go, he needs rest”.

Customs before Suhagrat in the Hindu religion

It is mostly observed that the suhagrat turns to suhagdin as most of the Hindu wedding happen only late at night. Irrespective of this fact there are a lot of games played before these two happy love birds make love. They play games like finding the ring in a bowl full of milk, the younger brother of the groom sitting in his bhabhi’s lap; the bride has to sing a song or dance, etc. When the girl enters her new home, she has to kick a pot full of rice and then place the imprints of her hands on the walls of her new home. She also leaves her foot prints as he walks in the house. It is considered to be lucky as she is considered as the goddess of wealth also known as ‘Lakshmi’.    

Customs before Suhagrat in the Christian religion

After the wedding is over the bride and the groom talk a ride in their vehicle up to the reception hall. The guests wait for these love birds eagerly and once they enter the hall, confetti balls are thrown on them followed by a small speech by the bride, groom and their families and close friends. After that the cake cutting ceremony and then comes the most memorable part of their life, the first dance, followed by others on the dance floor. The ceremony ends by the bride throwing the bouquet, and young unmarried lady waiting to catch it.  The love birds are bid good bye. The groom carries the bride to the room and then the happy process of suhagrat begins. 

India has various religions and sub religions therefore there may be slight changes in the customs. The above mentioned are just a few that I have seen in most Indian Wedding. It is not necessary that you make love soon after the wedding. Suhagrat is a beautiful experience and the more you wait, the more you want to be together. So don’t be disheartened if these customs don’t allow you to make love the first night. Just enjoy what you want to and do what you want on your moons and make it a memorable one!

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