Subhash Ghai And Mukta's Interfaith Love Story Is No Less Than A Bollywood Blockbuster


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Subhash Ghai And Mukta's Interfaith Love Story Is No Less Than A Bollywood Blockbuster

Love, drama, passion and romance; a Subhash Ghai film never fails to showcase these fundamentals. In fact, these are the nuts and bolts of the famous director and producer’s Khalnayak, Pardes, Hero and Kalicharan. Interestingly, a very few know that the same emotions hold true for this man in his real life.

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His own romantic and marital lives have been no less than a Bollywood blockbuster. So, until now we have known him just as a devoted filmmaker but the showman is equally devoted to love and marital life. Let’s get enthralled by his sweet love story.

The beginning

Subhash Ghai and Mukta Ghai

Just like an opening scene of a movie, Subhash Ghai’s life’s sequences start from Delhi. Though he hails from Punjab, at an early age his family shifted to Delhi and that is where he had his schooling and a graduation degree. After his graduation, he moved to Pune to join FTII which became a curtain raiser for his life’s career and love story. It was at FTII that his interest started escalating towards movies and acting and it was the same place where he first met his lady-love, Rehana Farooqui.

Turning point- True love

Subhash Ghai and Mukta Ghai

Well, apart from acting and drama there was something else that brewed up at the acting school. There was a cultural event at film and television academy where the couple are said to catch each other’s attention. In the course of time, Subhash and Rehana started dating.

Cross-cultural relationship

Subhash Ghai and Mukta Ghai

Hailing from different religions, the duo had to bridge the cultural boundaries. But the two shared a rock-solid relationship and a unique bond despite the disparity. Though Rehana had a little interest in the entertainment world, she was all there for her Mr Right in career-related decisions. There were not much dating and love sequences as we find in Subhash Ghai’s movies, but the drama and climax were there for sure.

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The next step

Subhash Ghai and Mukta Ghai

Without thinking and waiting much, the lovebirds decided to get married in 1970 in Mumbai. After the nuptials, Rehana converted to the distant culture Hinduism and changed her name to Mukta. For Subhash and Rehana their state of minds, love and passion were reasons enough to become lifetime partners. Later, when Subhash got into filmmaking, he named his production company as Mukta Arts.

Great couple, great deeds

Subhash Ghai and Mukta Ghai

They were not only partners in love and marital life but their partnership reflected in almost every decision they took together. They adopted Meghana (b.1978), Subhash Ghai’s younger brother’s daughter and raised her as their own offspring. This shows that the couple is so well matched in their thoughts and personalities. Later, the duo had their biological child in the early 2000s and named her Muskaan Ghai.

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The bitter side of their love life

Subhash Ghai and Mukta Ghai

There was a time when Subhash Ghai faced a wave of allegations and criticisms for his behavioural conduct. In an interview, Manisha Koirala’s claimed about the inappropriate advances he made towards her daughter Manisha. Also, actress and Israeli model, Rina Golan shared in her book about the tough times she encountered with Subhash Ghai. She announced that the director tried to fascinate her by saying that:

“I want you to trust me and surrender to me completely. I will take you around with me everywhere and you will see how your life will change”.

However, Subhash Ghai distanced himself from such allegations saying that these were just done for publicity and to malign his image.

The successful marriage

Subhash Ghai and Mukta Ghai

However, the world is not sure as to what extent these allegations were true but fortunately, it didn't make any difference to his happily-married life. The director cleared the air and recovered from the harsh phase. The couple stood together and did not allow the charges to mess their home.

It’s clear that the couple share a lot more than just love and fondness. For them, it’s a deeper level of commitment, trust and sacrifices. Despite the alarming phase and cultural boundaries, the duo is together with all that dignity and grace and can go to any extent to maintain their relationship.

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