10 Stunning Styles Of Mangalsutra For Stylish Indian Brides


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10 Stunning Styles Of Mangalsutra For Stylish Indian Brides

Mangalsutra is an essential ornament for most of the Indian married women. This sacred thread symbolises the union of two people and a start of their new life as husband and wife. But, aren’t you bored of wearing the same old traditional designs of mangalsutra? You must be.

With time, the design of your mangalsutra should also change. And, if you want to know what all stunning styles are there in the market then read the following to know about the latest trends.

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#1. Mangalsutra bracelets

Now, this is one style which is new and will look stunning on your hand. Take a hint from Bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty on how to flaunt this mangalsutra bracelet.

#2. Modern age mangalsutra

Liked it, loved it so why not wear it! You can wear this geometric-patterned mangalsutra daily with any outfit, be it Indian or western. This modern age mangalsutra will be quite a style symbol for sure.

#3. Diamond and gold mangalsutra

Image Courtesy: CaratStyle

Modern and stylish, this new age designer diamond and gold mangalsutra will definitely steal everyone’s attention.

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#4 Necklace mangalsutra

Image Credit: Sampat Jewellers

If you are looking for a heavy piece and budget is not a constraint, then choose necklace mangalsutra. They look exquisite and go perfectly with all the Indian attires. There are plenty of designs to choose from, so pick your piece after thorough research.

#5. Kundan and pearl mangalsutra

Doesn’t this kundan and pearl mangalsutra look stunning? We bet you must have loved it at first glance. This mangalsutra is not only different from the usual mangalsutra pieces but is eye-catching too. It will definitely make a style statement wherever you will go.

#6. Elegant mangalsutra

If you want to have a simple yet stunning mangalsutra piece which you can wear daily then try these designs. These light weight mangalsutras will look elegant and pretty on every dress.

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#7. Knot and bead managalsutra

You can every try these knot-andbead styled mangalsutras for a different look. However, they cannot be worn everyday unless you like to wear heavy jewellery on daily basis.

#8. God symbolic mangalsutra

This Tirupati Balaji, Om or any other symbolic or deity mangalsutra is ideal for everyone.

#9. String mangalsutra

String mangalsutra comes in so many designs. You can have two strings, three strings or multiple strings designed mangalsutra with gold ball, diamond ball or in any other way you like. Along with looking stylish and simple, they give a heavy look just like these ones. 

#10. Contemporary gold mangalsutra

If you want to opt for only gold mangalsutra then why not choose some modern designs like these ones. You will be spoilt for choice as there are plenty of designs, shapes and styles to choose from.

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So brides, aren’t these mangalsutra designs stunning? Whether you want a traditional yet contemporary design, or new-age designed mangalsutra, there is something for everyone here, according to your taste and budget. You can find a mangalsutra at various jewellers or online jewellery websites, but whenever you decide to buy a mangalsutra, make sure you research well about the designs and the authenticity of the material. Mangalsutra stays with you forever as a symbol of matrimony, so decide well before picking that perfect piece.