6 Smart Ways To Save Money On Wedding Photography And Still Get Awesome Photos


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6 Smart Ways To Save Money On Wedding Photography And Still Get Awesome Photos

Hiring the right photographer is centric to your wedding. This will be the most crucial decision you will take while planning your wedding. On your way to taking that precious, final decision, you first need to love your photographer’s work and feel comfortable with him/her. Besides, your photographer should know what you are comfortable doing and what you are not.

The right photographer can bring your real self into those pictures. So, check out the ways you can hire that important person within your budget!

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#1. Research to reach out to the right photographer

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Research in this matter is not just about simple browsing on the web. Use all your sources, see the sample work of these photographers, and ask them to take sample photographs. The idea is to strike a balance between the right price and that ideal photographer that you want. He is the one who will be capturing the moments you will live in your wedding, and translate them into memories. So, strike a balance between a low budget and a soaring expectation from the photographer. You have found your bride/groom, now find a photographer who is made for you!

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#2. Have an off season wedding

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You will thank us for this tip, as this trick will help you save oodles of money. Photographers do not have a lot of projects in hand during off season. You are likely to hit a good bargain during this time. You will also have more options for photographers, and also the best ones!

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#3. Do not shy away from getting to the point

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Since you know what you are looking for, it is important that you ensure that your aim is met. Find photographers and ask for a price quote. Take the conversation further only if the photographer is affordable for you. Don’t waste your time on someone who later sends you a quote which you would not want to hire. So, as you reach across to a photographer, don’t shy away from asking for a quote. Get to the point straight!

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#4. Happily miss out on the other functions

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There is going to be an engagement, mehendi ki raat and so on. But, keep your best photographer for the final day. Your big day is your wedding day, and you can let go of the functions that lead to this big day. If you don’t want to hire that seasoned photographer to capture your different celebrations, ensure that the wedding is the event that he captures. Keep your target in focus. You can have alternatives for the other functions. We all have a friend among us, who can take decent pictures and likes to carry a professional camera. Get some photos clicked by him/her. Or instead, hire a cheap photographer for these not so important events.

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#5. Negotiate or go for un-established photographers

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There is no rule that only an established photographer can take the best pictures. Try for assistant photographers, students, or a small-time photographer. Take a look at his work, and then decide. If you still can’t decide, you can ask him to take a sample picture and take your decision after seeing his work. Also, you can negotiate on the rates.

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#6. Printouts of your favourites

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You can take the printouts of the best pictures whenever you wish. If you go for a softcopy instead of those huge albums, it will save you a lot of money. In this deal, you get maximum photographs at best price, and you get to take printouts whenever you want it.

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We hope these smart tips will help you save big bucks while hiring your wedding photographer!

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