Skills You Must Polish Before Getting Married

Skills You Must Polish Before Getting Married

Although there is no rule book to govern you or your married life, but it is safe to prepare yourself before you decide to walk the aisle. This will reduce the risk of conflicts and other issues that may otherwise shake your smooth sail from the outset. So, whether you are reading this with your would-be or by yourself, we would say, read with utmost concentration and prepare yourself for the most exciting event of your life.

Individual traits

If you are an obsessive-compulsive shopaholic, a social butterfly, impulsive or extremely self-conscious, you will have to calm yourself down. Remember that when you marry, you will have to let go off 'I' and respect the person you have exchanged wedding vows with. Try to be flexible and accommodating as these two traits will go a long way in influencing marital satisfaction.

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Couple traits- Conflict resolution and communication

We have a lesson to learn from the popular American sitcom of the 90s, Mad About You. Helen Hunt, who plays ‘Jamie Buchman’ in the first episode of Season 1 says, “Marriage is suppose to be different than this”, to which ‘Paul Buchman’, her husband, replies, “There is always going to be stuff; you put up with my stuff and I with yours.” Read: How to Deal with your Unfulfilled Sexual Desires. 
Apparently, there is always a ‘my way’ or ‘highway’ situation that comes up in a relationship. But if you both can deduce/simplify even the most complex situation you can have things ‘your way’ as a couple. So, couple traits, which include problem-solving and communication are indeed responsible for marital satisfaction and dissatisfaction. So, learn to accept differences without resentment.

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Be realistic- Step out of the fantasy world

Marriage like any relationship will go through three stages, namely,

  • Phase I: Romantic (straight out of fairy tale love)
  • Phase II: Disillusionment.
  • Phase III: Acceptance and contentment.

Ask your friends who have been married for long and they would agree. If you were to look at phase one of the relationship, you will be immersed in physical attraction and passion so much that you will not look anywhere beyond the horizon you paint for your eyes. However, once you tune yourself with the routine lives issues of satisfaction, sacrifice and expectations creep in. Read: 7 Relationship Mistakes even Smart Couples Make. We would say, it is better that you do not only see the bright and colourful aspects. Gear yourself and get in the mode to look at the gray side of married life too, to get a balanced perspective.

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A Marriage is forever, so take advantage of the above secrets and live in the best and happiest way possible.

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